The Summer 18 CT Legacy Leagues All-Star Game will take place on Thursday, August 23 at 9PM featuring Team Stewart and Team Turnbull.

Players were voted into the All-Star Game by the five analysts from this season.

Summer  18 All-Stars and Team Drafted By:

Will Hudson (Run TMC) **Captain** [Team Hudson]

Keivon Turnbull (Rim Breakers) **Captain** [Team Turnbull]

Kevin Blake (Team Moose) [Team Turnbull]

Brett Cody (Head Hunchos) [Team Hudson]

Mike Davis (Shocker City) [Team Hudson]

Jason Hernandez (The Throne) [Team Turnbull]

Erick Langston (The Throne) [Team Hudson]

Gerald McLease (Rim Breakers) [Team Hudson]

Joe Nemchek (J’s Treys & Fadeaways) [Team Hudson]

Carmine Santorelli (Shocker City) [Team Turnbull]

Eric Singleton (Run TMC) [Team Hudson]

Mike Slattery (Nothing Easy) [Team Turnbull]

Reggie Stewart (Run TMC) [Team Turnbull]

Matt Terrasi (Dinner’s Served) [Team Hudson]

Mike Vessicchio (NickStrong) [Team Turnbull]

John Zervos (Sportslook) [Team Turnbull]