The Summer 18 RI Legacy Leagues All-Star Game will take place on Wednesday, August 22 at 9PM featuring Team Barbosa and Team Butler.

Players were voted into the All-Star Game by the five analysts from this season.

Summer 18 All-Stars and Team Drafted By:

Tyler Barbosa (Swish Kabobs) **Captain** [Team Barbosa]

Randy Butler (Swish Kabobs) **Captain** [Team Butler]

Mike Bandieri (Wild Hogs) [Team Butler]

Joey Coro (Wild Hogs) [Team Barbosa]

Cody Crawford (Lob City) [Team Butler]

Sergio Dalomba (Bucket Chasers) [Team Butler]

Trevor DiMicco (Boom-Shakalaka) [Team Barbosa]

Gino Forte (Werewolves) [Team Butler]

Henri Goncalves (Bucket Chasers) [Team Butler]

Jared Hanson (Halfway Crooks) [Team Butler]

Brian Heston (Werewolves) [Team Barbosa]

Greg Holt (Lob City) [Team Barbosa]

Dan Kennedy (Shake N Bake) [Team Barbosa]

Lucas Martin (Boom-Shakalaka) [Team Butler]

Mike Palumbo (Lob City) [Team Barbosa]

Nate Stichell (Boom-Shakalaka) [Team Barbosa]