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The defending champs were back at it again, welcoming The Bucket Chasers to The Legacy Leagues with a 98-64 beat down in Week 1. Greg Holt recorded a triple-double with 13 points, 15 assists, 10 rebounds, and newcomer Michael Palumbo helped with 23 points. Cody Crawford still had the three-point stroke with six threes and 29 points, while Darius Debnam welcomed himself back to the low rim with 18 points. From their shooters, to their guards, to their bigs, this team has the weapons to be the team to beat in the Summer 18 season.




Coming off of two second-place finishes in a row, Boom-Shakalaka welcomed back Trevor DiMicco for the Summer 18 Season. DiMicco compliments the aggressive offensive play of Nate Stichell and the unlimited range of Lucas Martin. All of the weapons were on display in their Week 1 victory over The Swish Kabobs. The offense poured in 90 points, thanks in part to Stichell, DiMicco, and Martin. If the offense performs to their capabilities, Boom-Shakalaka will be a very tough team to defeat this season.




The Werewolves looked very impressive in their opening week victory over the Wild Hogs. For comparison, this team defeated the Wild Hogs 61-59 last year thanks to a buzzer-beater. This year, they put them away comfortably, 69-43. Gino Forte and Brian Heston were back at it, each recording seven field goals and 17 points. The Werewolves won the rebound battle 35-22, and Brad Allen dominated with 11 boards and eight points. Matt Borden showed out, as well, recording 16 points in arguably his best outing in The Legacy Leagues. If the team can get production from Borden consistently, they could be a top-tier team this season.




The Swish Kabobs returned all of their all-stars from last season, and looked ready to prove themselves against Boom-Shakalaka in Week 1. Five of their six players scored in double-digits, and the two newcomers, Jay Monteiro and Randy Butler, make the team much more physically dominant. The rookies combined for six offensive boards in Week 1. While the offense put up 81 points and eventually tied the game late in the fourth, the defense was their only liability. Boom-Shakalaka was able to score at will, putting up 90 points and at least 20 in each quarter. If the defense can figure it out, The Swish Kabobs can compete with the best teams in the league this season.




The Halfway Crooks were able to pull a win away from a new team in Shake-N-Bake on opening night. The team’s chemistry was very impressive, and everyone seemed to be getting good looks, as four players scored in double-digits in the win. They were able to control the glass, winning the rebound battle and forcing Shake-N-Bake into a rough shooting night. Dylan Lincoln and Jared Hanson continued their scoring trends from last season, combining for 28 points on 11-of-17 shooting. The team looked good from deep as well, connecting on 39.3 percent of their threes. If they can continue to shoot the ball well, they can compete with good teams, however, the defense they faced in Week 1 was not at the same level as the top tier teams in the league.




After a rough start, The Bucket Chasers finally found their flow against Lob City, scoring 25 points in the final quarter. Led by Sergio Dalomba with 26 points, the newcomers showed that they could shoot the ball efficiently and compete on the glass, pulling down 33 boards as a team. Once they adjust to the 8.5-foot rims, the shots will begin to fall. They missed 21 threes on opening night. That number will likely decrease, and the team will begin to score more efficiently, eventually competing with the other teams in the league.




The Wild Hogs looked rough without Joey Coro, falling to the Werewolves, 69-43. Mike Bandieri led the way in scoring with 16 points, however, he shot 33.3 percent. Behind him was Sonny Guelce, a rookie, with 14 points, but he shot just 35.3 percent. When the shooting woes leave and Joey Coro returns, expect them to make a jump up in the rankings. For now, they struggled to take care of the ball and formulate an offense in the half court. It may be temporary, but after Week 1, The Wild Hogs did not look impressive compared to other teams in the league.




Shake N’ Bake fell to The Halfway Crooks by a large margin, 64-42, in their first game in The Legacy Leagues. It was evident that they needed to transition from the ten-foot rim to the lower, 8.5-foot rim, as they struggled from three early on. While they seemed to have good motion offensively, they seemed to have difficulty scoring the ball, and The Halfway Crooks don’t typically boast an intimidating defense. The Halfway Crooks took their size advantage into the paint and dominated there, as well. In a league where size matters, it will be tough for Shake N’ Bake to compete if they continue to struggle from long range.