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Lob City played with a short bench the other night, missing Victor Kashouh Jr. and Darius Debnam until late in the third quarter. However, they still started the game on a 21-2 run, with help from other stars on the team (there are a lot of them). It seems as if, with Lob City, any one of their players can single-handedly carry them to a victory, should it ever come down to it. All eyes are on their Week 6 matchup versus the also undefeated Boom-Shakalaka team which is up next on July 10 since Week 5 has been postponed.



Boom-Shakalaka looked like world-beaters this week, blowing out The Wild Hogs and putting up 125 points. In comparison, the combined score of the Shake N’ Bake/Bucket Chasers game was 76. Nate Stichell set the league scoring record with 56 points, and nearly had a quadruple double – a performance that alone could seal an MVP. When Stichell is on, he adds to every aspect of the game and can dominate on both sides of the floor. In a league where only 8 players are on the court at once, having a guy like Stichell is extremely important when taking on Lob City next.



The Swish Kabobs dominated the Werewolve sthis week to improve to 3-1, with their only loss coming to Boom-Shakalaka. The addition of Randy Butler with the athleticism of Marquis Jones and Tezhan Massey, and the court vision of Tyler Barbosa, these guys can turn it up on any night. While they’re behind both Lob City and Boom-Shakalaka, the Swish Kabobs are the one team that could hand either of those guys their only loss. They get a pesky Bucket Chasers team next in Week 6.



While The Werewolves lost pretty badly at the hands of The Swish Kabobs this week, it’s nothing to fret about. Gino Forte and Brian Heston can put any team down on any night, and once Shaine Patrick gets into the swing of things, they could be really dangerous. The Werewolves’ poor shooting is what really did them in in Week 4, highlighted by 4-of-19 from three. They take on a winless Shake N’ Bake team next in Week 6 in what could be a get-right game.



The Halfway Crooks lost to Lob City this week, but only by 19, a good score to lose by considering the opponent. Joey Zocco came through to lead the team in scoring with 19 points. If he can continue that scoring rate alongside Dylan Lincoln and Jared Hanson, they could be at eam to watch in the second half of the season. They take on a Wild Hogs team who are still winless, but boast more talent than many other winless teams we have seen. The Halfway Crooks new additions of Mike Wilbur and John Slein are still meshing and could make this team a dangerous one in the future.



The Bucket Chasers were able to pick up another W this week at the hands of Shake N’ Bake, however the game came down to the wire, and Shake N’ Bake is still winless. They put up only 44 points, and that can be pointed to the absence of Sergio Dalomba. Until they find someone to carry the team in Dalomba’s absence, they may struggle against competitive teams. Aiden Wright led the way in Week 4 with 16 points, but he’ll need more than that to keep it close with the Swisk Kabobs in Week 6.



Shake N’ Bake almost pulled off their first victory this week against the Bucket Chasers. Their combination of size, speed and resilience should have teams worried. Shake N’ Bake are hungry to get in the win column and they’re no strangers to the game of basketball. Shake N’ Bake is starting to put it together on the court, just in time for them to take on a struggling Werewolves team in their next game.




Even with Joey Coro rejoining the team, the Wild Hogs still couldn’t do much against the Boom-Shakalaka powerhouse. Granted, they played one of the better teams in the league, but they did allowed 125 points. They drop to the last spot due to their performance in their last game. Coro helped add diversity on the offensive end, but the Wild Hogs need to get back to the drawing board before they can be successful this season. A win in their next game versus the Halfway Crooks would certainly improve their ranking.