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The matchup that everyone’s been waiting for between the only two undefeated teams finally happened in Week 6. Shocker City rightfully takes their place as the number one team in the power rankings after handing Team Moose their first loss on the season. Shocker City now stands as the only unbeaten team in the entire league. The return of Tarell Vargas to the lineup really showed the true depth of this team.



Even though Team Moose took their first loss of the season and moved down one spot, they are still a premier threat in the league. An eight point loss without one of their key players in Brad Seaman won’t punish Team Moose too severely in the power rankings. However, it does show some vulnerability to the rest of the league. The return of Seaman to the lineup should help to steady the Team Moose ship.



The red-hot Rim Breakers come away with another impressive win, this time defeating The Throne. Their only loss on the season comes from an OT thriller against Shocker City back in Week 3. With the emergence of Gerald McLease, and Keivon Turnbull’s scoring, they should have no problem riding this wave. The Rim Breakers continue to be one of the most entertaining teams both on and off the court.



The Throne suffered a meaningful loss to the Rim Breakers this past week, which cause them to drop just a little in this week’s power rankings. Granted, one of The Thrones’ best players in Russ Payton was absent from the game. While there is no denying the strength of this Throne team, a second loss may hurt come time for playoff seeding.



Run TMC drops in this week’s power rankings after a tough game in which they looked vulnerable. After a win over SportsLook, Run TMC is one of the more consistent teams in the league. If Reggie Stewart can continue his MVP caliber performance every week, Run TMC should stay at the top of the power rankings. After two weeks where TMC saw their scoring production drop drastically, they will look to get hot again next week.



Inconsistency has been the story of the season for NickStrong. After this week however, one of their top scoring options returned in Ryan Florentine, which ultimately helped NickStrong pull off a victory against J’s, Treys & Fadeaways. If NickStrong can consistently play with a deeper roster and keep up their defensive stance, they should have no problem keeping up with some of the other top teams in the league.



All four of Nothing Easy’s losses have come from one of the top five teams. Their record is a result of their schedule, not necessarily their performance on the court. This week Nothing Easy moves up a spot with a close win over Dinners Served. If their schedule lightens up just a little, we can see this team surge into a higher position on the power rankings.



In a crucial game that could have kept Sportslook from going under .500, they somehow managed to drop. Again short handed, Sportslook didn’t make things any easier for themselves when one of their players got ejected from the game. There’s obvious potential there, especially with the debut of Tyrell Holmes, who dropped 25 points. However this team is running out of time to make a late push for postseason seeding.



Young Kings finally got that third scoring option in Marcquis Davis to go along with Eddie Whitman and Myles Raymond. Davis was the difference in their five-point victory over Head Hunchos. Young Kings can hopefully start racking up a few W’s before the season ends with their new scoring option.



This young team hasn’t been able to figure things out for themselves so far. J’s are capable of putting up a tough fight against most other teams, however this doesn’t translate to any wins. Joe Nemchek and Eddie Giovannini always bring their A-game, but it’s their teammates who need to step up so that this team can get the ball rolling before it’s too late.



As predicted, Blue Devils move up a couple of spots after earning they’re second straight win, this time over Above the Rim. Yet again however, the Blue Devils biggest issue was chemistry. That said, Steve Echols, who is by far the vocal leader for this team finally got everyone on the same page. They are matched up against Rim Breakers in week 7 so we will see how the Blue Devils’ newly formed chemistry will stand against an elite team.



Early MVP candidate Brett Cody is clearly not enough for the Head Hunchos. Another young team who have yet to figure themselves out, now need every W they can get their hands on. Hunchos move up one spot because of the huge shift this week in the power rankings; they still need to prove themselves to go up any further.



Dinners Served is the only one-win team in the entire league, which isn’t a good thing by any means. Schedule toughness hasn’t really been a factor to produce these poor results, it’s mostly just a lack of scoring. If Dinners Served could add at least one more legit scorer, they would most likely see a little more success.



Above the Rim still hasn’t been able to reel in a W. At first it was their roster depth, but lack of scoring is another issue for them as well. Above the Rim faces J’s Treys & Fadeaways in it’s Week 7 matchup. This is a matchup they need to capitalize on if they want to get their first win.