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Shocker City is still the unanimous number one choice as they remain the only undefeated team left with a win over The Throne in Week 7. They continued to show their dominance and depth with primetime players such as Mike Davis, Carmine Santorelli, Davon Pratt, and Nick Santorelli. Shocker City should have no trouble staying undefeated in Week 8 against the Blue Devils.



Run TMC came up with a big win over Team Moose without two of their best players to boost themselves in the rankings. Run TMC proved just how much depth they have, as well as their ability to move the ball and play solid defense. Without top scoring option Reggie Stewart, Eric Singleton came up big and urged the rest of the league to remember how dominant he can be. Run TMC looks to move to 7-1 against J’s Trey’s and Fadeaway’s in Week 8.



The Rim Breakers showed they aren’t going anywhere after a win over the Blue Devils. Their one-two punch of Gerald Mclease and Keivon Turnbull has been lethal all season long and they continue to live up to their name by feasting in the paint. With playoffs right around the corner a matchup against NickStrong in Week 8 should be a good test for the Rim Breakers.



Team Moose was hit with a reality check after their loss against a shorthanded Run TMC this week. Team Moose is still a lock down defensive team that consistently plays as a unit with the experience to win in this league. Despite some chemistry issues against a premier team, Team Moose still projects as a top four finisher for this season. They look to bounce back next week against Dinners Served.



The Throne put up another strong fight against a good team in a losing effort against Shocker City. The aggressive play of Dominique and Erick Langston has helped them find success, along with strong guard play from Jason Hernandez. Despite the absence of Russ Payton and a difficult schedule to this point, The Throne remain a top contender. They’ll attempt to right the ship next week against Sportslook.



NickStrong quietly moved to 5-2 after a win over Young Kings in Week 7. The interesting dynamic of their team with Anthony and Michael Vessicchio scoring the rock and playing solid team defense has resulted in a 5-2 record. A signature win is in their sights in Week 8 against the Rim Breakers. This should be a great preview for playoff caliber basketball for a team in their first season.



Nothing Easy won its second straight this week with a win over Sportslook. This team lives up to its name by defending very aggressively as a team. Joe Capodagli and Mike Slattery continue to be under the radar players and are the major part of their success. Nothing Easy will try to move to 4-4 with a favorable matchup with Above the Rim next week.



The Young Kings suffered another loss in a close game against NickStrong in Week 7. They have lost a lot of close games this season and have been one of the best teams with a losing record all year long. Myles Raymond and Dontae Abbate have been the key parts of this team and are keys towards their success. They’ll look to get back on track next week against Dinners Served.



Sportslook was shorthanded again in Week 7 and lost a close one to Nothing Easy. This team has proven they can win and compete with a full roster especially with John Zervos and Tyrell Holmes playing consistent basketball. However, lack of depth has hurt them all season long. They hope to be at full strength next week in a tough matchup against The Throne.



The Blue Devils played a strong game for three quarters against the Rim Breakers but then squandered their lead late. They have proven to have the talent to compete but haven’t fully put it together and played as a team this season. There’s still hope they can utilize their talent and turn it around as they face undefeated Shocker City in Week 8. It will be interesting to see how they respond if they go down early against a strong opponent.



This team had promise at the start of the season but has only gone downhill as they handed Above the Rim their lone win this season. Eddie Giovannini and Joe Nemchek have been the only bright spots for this season with little to no help otherwise. They’ll look to turn it around next week against Run TMC, but the matchup doesn’t inspire much confidence.



Dinners Served smacked around Head Hunchos in Week 7 to improve to 2-5 on the season. Their duo of Matt Terrasi and Kyle Coniglio has been consistent all season long and they have showed their ability to get it going early and often. Those two look to lead them to victory in a key matchup against Young Kings next week.



 The Head Hunchos had a disappointing performance in Week 7 against Dinners Served. Brett Cody has had an off last couple of weeks and without him getting things going offensively, this team has limited options to score the ball and create offense. They hope to get a strong performance from him in Week 8 against Team Moose.



Above the Rim brings up the basement of the rankings yet again despite getting their first win of the season. They were finally able to make shots and get key stops to pull away and record their first win of the season. Regardless of their performance, there is just not enough weapons on this team to justify a jump. That said, they have played hard all season and finally were rewarded. They look to win two in a row in a matchup against Nothing Easy in Week 8.