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These guys have lost once in three years. There’s nothing more to say after they continue to roll with two blowout wins this week, one coming with only four guys. The entire lineup can carry a team to victory, and no one in the league has proven to be on the same level as Lob City. That could change, as they go up against their opponents from the last two championship games in Boom-Shakalaka in Week 8.



Boom-Shakalaka was able to finish off the only other one loss team in the league this year on Thursday night, solidifying their place behind Lob City. With the return of Marc Belleville to the sound of 17 and 24 points this week, Boom-Shakalaka is locked and loaded for the playoffs. Nate Stichell is a force, and has the potential to take over a game every week, and with the help of the rest of the squad around him, these guys may be able to hand Lob City their first loss of the season on Tuesday night.



The Swish kabobs had a shaky week, with a loss to Boom-Shakalaka and a very close win against Shake N’ Bake. Regardless, they remain the third best team in the league record-wise, and continuously have shown why they’re better than most of the league. With a backcourt of Tyler Barbosa and Randy Butler complimenting the high-flyers of Marquis Jones, Tezhan Massey, and Greg Bell, these guys are poised to make a deep run at the end of the season.



While they sit at under .500 right now, The Halfway Crooks enjoyed a blowout win over The Werewolves this week to chase down their loss to Boom-Shakalaka. After the game, Joey Zocco expressed the importance in beating teams close to them in the standings, which they did with ease on Thursday night. With a little help from Dylan Lincoln, Jared Hanson proved he can carry a team to victory.. They have the pieces too, with shooters and bigs up and down the lineup. These guys have the right chemistry and defensive mindset to make a run in the playoffs.



The Werewolves won one and lost one this week with a chance to tie the Swish Kabobs for third place overall. They took down the Bucket Chasers in a defensive battle, and then were stopped by The Halfway Crooks on Thursday by a double-digit margin. In both games this week, the offense struggled to really get going. Brian Heston and Gino Forte struggled to consistently score for the entire game, which cost them in the end. Without a third, consistent scorer, these guys may find it tough to win games down the stretch against tougher defenses.



Even though it’s Week 7, the Bucket Chasers still look like they have one or two more things to figure out before they really start clicking. They had a lead over Lob City in the first half, but lost it after a huge third quarter, and they nearly beat the Werewolves on Tuesday night. This team plays scrappy, lockdown defense, and has a backcourt that will stress out any ball handler. Combine that with a long, enthusiastic bench, and all these guys need is a few consistent scorers to be a very tough out come the playoffs.



The Wild Hogs enjoyed their first victory this season in an overtime thriller against Shake N’ Bake. They have a spectacular offense, with Mike Bandieri, Joey Coro, and Sonny Guelce, but their defensive woes have left them at the bottom of the standings. On several nights they’ve put up 80+ points, just to give up nearly 120. Coro can dunk on just about anyone in the league, and Bandieri and Guelce make up an impressive back court that could spell problems for bigger defenses.



With the season winding down, Shake N’ Bake is still searching for that spark and their first victory. Besides Dan Kennedy, they struggle to find people to handle the scoring load for them. Their defense is good, and the kids have absolutely no quit in them, regardless of who they play. Should an offensive piece explode in these last few weeks into a sidekick for Kennedy, Shake N’ Bake could rack up a few victories in their last two games.