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The top spot in the Power Rankings welcomes a new team for the first time in a long time. Boom-Shakalaka laid the hammer down on Lob City Tuesday night, handing them their first loss of the season. Nate Stichell and Lucas Martin both took over the game at certain points and proved that, when they’re on, they can be the deadliest combo in the league. With a chance at the overall top seed in playoffs, Boom-Shakalaka has a lot to be happy about heading into the final week of the season.



It feels different seeing these guys out of the number one slot. The regular season loss won’t shatter them, and Lob City is still a matchup nightmare for anyone in the league. Their starting four, with Michael Palumbo, who missed Tuesday’s game, is still the most talented in the league. Should Lob City play Lob City basketball throughout the remainder of their games, they may quickly forget the lone loss of the regular season.



The addition of Greg Bell to the Swish Kabobs is starting to look like a problem for the rest of the league. In his four games, he is averaging 13.8 points and nine boards, a great statline to count on with Tyler Barbosa and Randy Butler in the backcourt. This team now poses a post threat with two talented point guards who can shoot as well as a few guys who can dunk at will. In other words, the Swish Kabobs are a great team to pick to upset either one of the top two seeds.



Brian Heston has looked dominant this season, and is coming off possibly his most impressive performance of the year with 33 points and 16 boards. Unfortunately, his team only scored 57, and no one else was in double digits. If the Werewolves can’t find consistent options on offense besides Heston, they are going to have a lot of trouble winning games in the playoffs against good defenses.



While it doesn’t show up in the win column, the Halfway Crooks were very impressive this week, taking the Swish Kabobs down to the final possession. Jared Hanson can be a dominant scorer on any given night, and his reliability this season has been crucial to his team. They play great team defense, which can be trouble for anyone come playoffs.



The strength of the Bucket Chasers is their defense. They hold great teams to poor shooting nights, and if they get hot as well it can be an issue. A win this week would give them the fifth overall seed heading into the playoffs, and a matchup with a Werewolves team that their defense could potentially handle.



Mike Bandieri, Joey Coro, and Sonny Guelce are the three players on the Wild Hogs other teams have to worry about. The problem is the three of them can never seem to show up all at the same game. The two times the Wild Hogs had their big three, they were matched up against Boom-Shakalaka and Lob City and they dropped over eighty points on both teams. Bandieri pulled down 21 rebounds in Tuesday’s loss, however, this team’s lack of consistency has killed them all season.



Shake N’ Bake really hasn’t found their offensive groove yet. Their quickness and athleticism allows them to be a great defensive team, and they have zero quit, but it just does not always translate into points. Dan Kennedy can score, but one scorer on the floor doesn’t cut it in The Legacy Leagues. This team has another chance to get their first win before the playoffs against a Wild Hogs teams they took into overtime just a few weeks ago.