The Summer 19 CT Legacy Leagues All-Star Game will take place on Monday, August 26th at 8PM featuring Team Horne and Team Sauer!

Players were voted into the All-Star Game by the seven analysts from this season.

Summer 19 All-Stars and Team Drafted By:

Greg Horne **Captain/Coach** [Team Horne]

Connor Sauer **Captain/Coach** [Team Sauer]


Jaden Battle (Tune Squad) [Team Sauer]

Jason Bindner (Brick Layers) [Team Horne]

Mike Bozzuto (Flint Tropics) [Team Horne]

Brendan Bucher (Silly Sehnders) [Team Horne]

Ryan Florentine (NickStrong) [Team Horne]

Melquan Horton (Redeem Team) [Team Sauer]

Nick Japs (Flint Tropics) [Team Horne]

Dan Kokkoros (Sportslook) [Team Sauer]

Dominique Langston (Run TMC) [Team Horne]

Chad McKoy (Tune Squad) [Team Sauer]

Noah Raffone (Scott’s Tots) [Team Sauer]

Carmine Santorelli (Shocker City) [Team Horne]

Eric Singleton (Redeem Team) [Team Sauer]

Reggie Stewart (Run TMC) [Team Horne]

Tarell Vargas (Shocker City) [Team Sauer]

Michael Vessicchio (NickStrong) [Team Sauer]