After another amazing Legacy Leagues season has came to a close, there’s still one game left to play. That game is the All Star game which is made up of the best players from different teams around the league. This game is star studded from top to bottom.

The East features Zach Tartaglia, Ade Bright, Cody Crawford, Kevin Figueiredo, Jose Mercado, Ryan Palumbo, Matthew Sweeney, Bryan Yarce

The West features Brian Heston, Noah Berg, Jeff Winchell, John Coutu, Lucas Martin, Kevin McCartney, Marc Belleville, Matt St. Ours.

The East squad is led by the league MVP Jose Mercado, who lit up the league this season with 33.7 points per game, 11 rebounds per game, and 4.6 assists a game. They also have former All-Star Game MVP Cody Crawford, Offensive Player of the Year Ryan Palumbo, and Legacy League Champion Zach Tartaglia.

The West squad is led by a defensive front started off by four time Defensive Player of the Year Brian Heston, who won the award again this season. Defensive First Teamers Noah Berg and Jeff Winchell will be the big men for the West. Also Finals MVP and former All-Star Game MVP John Coutu will be running the point, as well as Good U star Matt St. Ours.

This will be a great matchup between two teams that don’t have a weakness anywhere in sight. The West squad is stronger on the defensive end with the three finalists for Defensive Player of the Year, and the East squad is stronger offensively with the leagues leading scorer, and Offensive Player of the Year. These teams are as evenly matched as they come, and this can go either way based off who wants it most.

This one is strictly for bragging rights, and don’t forget that coveted MVP trophy.

This will be a highlight reel game on both sides, I expect a lot of rim rattling dunks from the great athletes on either teams. East vs. West, a rivalry like no other. This should be a fun one. First one to 150 wins.