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Shocker City



Shocker City picked up right where they left off last season in a dominating win over Brick Layers.  Everything was clicking for them and it looks like Shocker City is headed towards another deep playoff run this season on the path to the 3-peat. They are coming in on fire for their matchup vs NickStrong next week.



Redeem Team


  Redeem Team was another dominant force as they controlled their game against Silly Shenders the entire way. They had incredibly balanced scoring as only two players on the team had under 10 points and they each had nine. This a team of a bunch of Legacy Leagues veterans that weren’t on the same team before but as a unit they were dominant. They have a tough matchup in the Flint Tropics next week.






Run TMC came out strong and fast as they cruised to a win over league newcomers the Tune Squad as Reggie Stewart and Mike Slattery led the way. They gave a not so warm welcome to the Tune Squad and have a good chance of making a deep run to the finals. They kept the game against Tune Squad a little closer than they should have, but everyone is a bit rusty in their first game back especially when they have new players.



Flint Tropics


  The Flint Tropics came away with the victory against NickStrong but this game was tighter than most thought it would be and the Flint Tropics know that. On a positive note, Mike Bozzuto was on fire, only missing only 2 shots the entire game, picking up right where he left off last season. They have a tough game against Redeem team next week and need to play a lot better if they want to come out on top.






Out of all the teams that won this week, Sportslook by far had the most challenging game. They narrowly beat league newcomers Scott’s Tots.  I am not sure if Scott’s Tots are that good or Sportslook just overlooked them. They will have an easier time against Brick Layers next week and should come out on top in that one. Matt Marconi led the way and looks to be a key player this season.



Scott’s Tots


  By the way they played you would not know that this was their first game in Legacy Leagues. Scott’s Tots were very competitive with a veteran team in Sportslook. They should be a very interesting team to watch this season and if not taken seriously enough, they can upset some teams this season.



Tune Squad



You can tell that this is going to be a team that is going to be very dangerous once they get a few games under their belts. They have a very good player in Chad Mckoy and are an all-around very athletic team. Tune Squad just needs to get more adjusted to the league and the style of play. They have a game against Scott’s Tots next week and that could be one of the games of the week.





  They were very competitive against a good Flint Tropics team. In the end, the talent of the Flint Tropics outmatched the talent of Nickstrong. This is a veteran team so expect them to be competitive in all of their games this season. However, they will struggle to get wins against the better teams.



Silly Sehnders


  This was a rough first game in the Legacy Leagues for the Silly Sehnders as they got demolished by Redeem Team and didn’t have many positives to build on. In fact, the only positive that they had was Chris Howell. With a very short bench they will struggle especially if they find themselves in a close game.



Brick Layers


  This was a really tough introduction to the League as they got absolutely blown out of the water. They were absolutely no match for Shocker City, who were up by 50 at the half. The Brick Layers will matchup against Sportslook, who came out of the opening week victorious.