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Lob City jumped out to an early lead in the first quarter and never looked back. They were able to control every aspect of the game, and do whatever they wanted to win by 20 points over the Bucket Chasers. The Defending Champs bring back their core from a season ago, plus add back in Mike Palumbo to form the team to beat once again.




Boom-Shakalaka took care of business in the first game of the season. They dominated Islan dTime while both passing the eye test, and putting up the largest margin of victory in Week 1. They played like one cohesive unit rather than a group of individuals, which led to lots of good looks at the basket, and a 61 percent shooting percentage as a team.




The Werewolves played an impressive-looking Duje’s Boys team, but showed pure grit and determination as they pulled this one out in overtime. Seeing the Werewolves claw their way back into this one was impressive. The overtime win in a game that at times seemed as if it were a heated rivalry will certainly serve as a huge momentum boost going into the upcoming weeks.




The Boston Blazers showed off an extremely well-rounded offense. They were able to get points in every way possible with a solid combination of shooters and big men. Unselfish play led to five of their seven players reaching double-digit scoring. With so many capable scorers, strategies such as double-teaming the hot hand will simply cause holes elsewhere that could easily be exploited.




Good U stumbled out of the blocks a bit, but wasted no time in taking complete control of the game in the second half. In the second half alone, they outscored the Ozone Boys 53-16. That the definition of dominance, and it showed everyone how lethal this team can be. As a new team, they will need to prove they can be their dominant selves more often.




The loss for the Duje’s Boys is one that may haunt them come playoff time, but there are some positives to take away. There is lots of potential in this team as new pieces try to mesh together on the court. The groundwork is already present, but they need to build on their ability to work together to get better looks, and get help on defense. MVP candidate John Coutu can take over games, and may need to step up in coming ups to snag some wins.




The size of the Stampede was a major factor in this game, and likely will be in all of their games. They were able to dominate down low, as they pulled in more than twice as many rebounds as their opponents did. The ability of their bigs combined with the rate at which their guards could knock down shots could certainly prove to be the winning formula for the Stampede.




While The Goodfellas did come away from this game with a win, it could absolutely be considered underwhelming. As they were facing a team in the Halfway Crooks that had only four players compared to twice as many for The Goodfellas.. Some of The Goodfellas were able to show what they can do, but it is difficult to overlook the way that they let the second half slip away from them and nearly lost their Week 1 contest.




The Halfway Crooks were down in Week 1 before coming back and actually having a chance to win it at the buzzer. The toughness shown to not give up despite being outmanned is admirable. They showcased an ability to hit some shots, but we unable to capitalize on their opportunity to win. The Halfway Crooks are a very different team from last season’s title contender, and will have to go back to scrapping out wins.




The Shady Dunkers did not deal well with the size of their opponents in their first game of the season. However, not every team is as massive as the Stampede. The Shady Dunkers were able to score a solid amount of points, and have the opportunity to come together as a unit and fight back next week when they take on the Bucket Chasers.




While the Bucket Chasers did seem a bit outmanned, they showed some desire as they managed to outscore their opponent in the third and fourth quarters. If nothing else, this showcases an ability to work hard and put the ball in the basket. The Bucket Chasers are back after sitting out the Winter 19 season, and are looking to get back to how they were playing in the past when they take on the Shady Dunkers in Week 2.




Island Time found themselves on the wrong end of a game decided by 32 points against Boom-Shakalaka. There were some positives though, as they had three players record double-digit points. They also shot very poorly from the foul line, which on the bright side means that they were at least drawing fouls and getting to the stripe. They will try to earn their frst win against the Boston Blazers in Week 2.




Despite not being able to keep the game close in second half against Good U, the Ozone Boys did find themselves in the game at halftime. It is still very early in the season, and learning from mistakes will be crucial for this team to move up in the rankings in future weeks. They get a good test in Week 2 when they take on the Werewolves.




The Basket Hounds are definitely going to try to put this loss behind them. They are a team that is going to need to find a way to thrive while playing small ball behind Orane Smith and Mike Bartholomew. They are undersized compared to many other teams, which allows defenses to extend out past the three-point line to guard them. Picking up the pace in Week 2 versus the Stampede will be crucial.