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Boom-Shakalaka remains undefeated with an incredible performance. No matter the opponent, it is never easy to score 145 points in a single game. However, Boom-Shakalaka certainly made it look that way even with just four guys at the game. Next week will likely not be quite as easy as they prepare to face the Bucket Chasers.



Lob City was able to win an exciting game against the Dujes Boys. After taking their first loss of the season last week, they were able to bounce back very well with a win against a talented team. They have proven their elite ability to score the ball but will still need to look to improve their defense. Next week will not be a cakewalk as they will look to showcase their dominating size against the Werewolves.




Good U has shown week after week that they are a top tier team in this league. They managed to pick up another win to remain undefeated in Week 5 after they dominated Island Time. It did not really seem like it was a very challenging game for them. The Shady Dunkers pose a more interesting threat in Week 6, but should still be an opponent Good U can pick apart. Their tests come later in the season when they take on both Boom-Shakalaka and Lob City.



The Boston Blazers were just able to hold on against the Shady Dunkers to pick up their fourth win of the season. They jumped out to an early lead, but almost let it slip away in the second half. They will have to clean up the sloppy play they showed in Week 5 before they take on the Ozone Boys in Week 6.



The Duje’s Boys lost a close game to Lob City in Week 5 that went into overtime. They are a very talented team, but have not proven that they have the ability to step up in big moments. All of their wins have come against teams that have a winning percentage under .500. They should be able to pick up another win next week against the Basket Hounds before continuing to try to prove they belong higher in these rankings.



The Werewolves made a new addition to the roster in Bryan Yarce, and he immediately made a difference. They were able to roll through the Bucket Chasers without much trouble. Next week they will see how their new roster competes against a top tier team in Lob City. In what will be a Finals rematch from last season, the Werewolves will be without Dave Campbell. Yarce can make up what they will be missing, which should make for an interesting matchup.



The Goodfellas lost by only three points to the emerging Ozone Boys. They continue to play in close games, but need to improve their play down the stretch to turn these games into wins. Their shooting this week was much better than the percentage they shot at last week. They will look to continue improving as they prepare to face the Stampede in Week 6. 



The Halfway Crooks were finally able to pick up their first win of the season. It seems like it was a long time coming as they continued to compete game after game. They were able to get that one extra man that they were looking for. Next week could be a good opportunity for them to pick up another win as Jared Hanson returns in time to face an Island Time team that has been struggling.



The Ozone Boys Picked up their third consecutive win in Week 6 by beating The Goodfellas. They are on a tear, playing with supreme confidence. They have players who are long on defense that also can hit threes on the other end. Next week they will try to prove that they are legitimate contenders as they square off against the 4-1 Boston Blazers.



The Bucket Chasers have now lost in back-to-back weeks. They will need to score more points if they want to find success in this league. Efficiency is extremely important. They will need to work on dictating the game so that it suits their style of play while also getting more players involved on offense. Next week is going to be a challenge as they face a seemingly unstoppable Boom-Shakalaka team.



This Stampede team has struggled after coming out of the gate hot winning their first two games. They have now lost three-straight games after falling in Week 5 to the Halfway Crooks. Something will need to change if they want to be considered a serious team in this league. Next week they will face The Goodfellas in a game they must win to remain where they are in the standings.



The Shady Dunkers lost a close one against the Boston Blazers. They looked like a much better team than they have in weeks past. They seemed to be out of this one early, but stormed back to make it interesting in the final minutes. Ultimately they did not have enough help outside of Kennsy Marte and Aaron Gray. Next week they will hope to improve even more as they go up against a still-undefeated Good U team.



Island Time took a big loss at the hands of Good U in Week 5. They have shown some ability, but have not been able to put a full game together. They will need to lean into their strengths, and not allow their opponents to control the flow of the game. Next week they will hope to change things up as they face the Halfway Crooks.



The Basket Hounds were on the wrong end of a beatdown. They continue to look for a way to succeed in this league while seriously lacking in size. They need to find a defensive strategy that allows them to get stops without being more physical than their opponents. They will have another chance to improve in next week’s matchup against the Duje’s Boys.