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Through Week 6 only one team is still undefeated. Run TMC got the win over the Flint Tropics this week, giving the Flint Tropics their first loss of the season, 74-69. Reggie Stewart lead the pack with 28 points and nine rebounds, and proved that this team is the best in the league two-thirds through the season. Run TMC now has a two-game lead for the top-seed with the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Flint Tropics, which could be huge in determining the road to the Finals. 




It was a tough loss for the Flint Tropics this week after a tight game against Run TMC. Mike Bozzuto continues to dominate on the court and was the leading scorer with 20 points Monday night, but Run TMC was able to edge them out. We may see the Flint Tropics  and Run TMC again in the playoffs, but for the time being Run TMC holds the advantage in the standings. The Flint Tropics will have to dig deep to find success in the remaining weeks with a meeting with Shocker City still coming up.



The defending champions seem to have gained some confidence after losing two games early on in the season. They haven’t been playing as flawlessly as they have in the past, but they’re still putting up big numbers. Carmine Santorelli is the team’s leading scorer with 112 points on the season. The team is fired up after this big win over Silly Sehnders and are confident going into the rest of the season.




Redeem Team snatched a close win this week over Sportslook in an overtime thriller. The teams were tied 73 all at the end of the fourth forcing a two minute overtime where Redeem Team came out on top. A controversial call by the officials in the final seconds which lead to free throws left Sportslook stunned. Regardless, this a much-needed momentum win for Redeem Team after a tough loss last week with only three of their guys. This team proved that with their entire team they are a force to be reckoned with.



Sportslook is struggling to get a win recently, having started the season with three-straight wins and now having lost three games in a row. Despite their record, they haven’t given any team an easy win and continue to challenge their opponent until the last seconds. Matt Marconi had a big Week 6 with 28 points followed by Bryan Acevedo with 18. Sportslook is a battle-tested team that could make noise come playoff time.



This team has been picking up the pace and has become a strong competitor after a big win over Tune Squad on Monday. Micheal Vessicchio has a lot of confidence and said that many teams will have to work very hard to defeat them going forward. The Vessicchio brothers have lead the team in points along side new addition Chris Leak. It will be interesting to see what this team can do come playoff time having already played a lot of the higher-ranked teams in the league.



After a big win over the Brick Layers this week, Scott’s Tots is starting to feel more confident going forward. For this new team it was an adjustment getting used to the shorter rims, but they seem to be working together and finding a rhythm. Hopefully they can continue to win and improve their record going into the playoffs.



Jaden Battle and Chad Mckoy have been leading this team all season, but they need more than two players to be successful. They haven’t been able to keep up with some of the veteran teams, but with playoffs coming up it will be a good test to see how they can handle the pressure. This rookie team has a lot of potential and some fine tuning will help them reel in their focus.



Although they lack many wins, the Silly Sehnders have shown they are competitors. Brendan Bucher put up an impressive 29 points to help hold off Shocker City in the first two quarters of their game Monday. Going forward, the Silly Sehnders should hone in on their speed and three-point shooting to try and move up in the standings.



Still winless going into Week 6 the Brick Layers struggle to find their groove, but have been working on hitting their shots. Mike Castro had a nice 14 points, just four behind Jason Bindner who was on fire on the defense with five blocks. They haven’t been able to keep up with their competitors due to other teams’ depth and shooting accuracy. Going forward the Brick Layers need to know their opponent and be more effective on offense.