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Boom-Shakalaka fended off Good U to remain the only undefeated team in the league. They have played all of the other top teams in the league at this point, and have shown us time and time again that they are capable of maintaining success. They will have a chance to clinch a bye in the playoffs with a win against the Boston Blazers.



Lob City proved once again that they are a top contender in this league with their win impressive win over the Boston Blazers. They continue to show how versatile their offense can be with a strong combination of being able to knock down threes, while also being able to get to the rim with strength. They will face off against the Shady Dunkers next week. 




Good U took a tough first loss of the season at the hands of Boom-Shakalaka. They are still an extremely talented team but will need to find a different approach if they see Boom-Shakalaka again in the playoffs. They will look to bounce back in Week 8 with a win against a Stampede team that has not been finding success.



The Duje’s Boys played a well-rounded game of basketball as they showcased the different ways they can control the game. They were mostly able to get to the rim with ease but also showed off their range by making some three-pointers. Next week they will have a chance to jump ahead in the standings as they face off against the Ozone Boys.



The Boston Blazers have now lost two straight. With three losses on the season, they have not yet proven that they have the ability to step up in big games. They are a very middle of the pack team, as they seem to lose to good teams and win against bad teams. They will hope that does not hold true come playoff time. Next week they will have another difficult matchup against Boom-Shakalaka.



The Ozone Boys extend their win streak to five straight games with their dominant win against the Basket Hounds. The Ozone Boys continued to showcase their talent as Noah Berg led the way with 37 points. They will be shorthanded next week as they look to face the red hot Duje’s Boys.



The Werewolves bounced back after a tough loss last week to lob city with a win over the Halfway Crooks. They have showcased their grit on multiple occasions this season. The combination of having a talented group of players and being unwilling to give up make for a potential playoff run. First, they will need to focus on their matchup with Island Time next week.



The Bucket Chasers put on a strong performance against the Stampede. This win does not completely turn the tides and change the destiny of the Bucket Chasers but it is a good win. They took a step in the right direction this week as they seem to be figuring some things out. They will look to continue their progress next week against The Goodfellas. 



Continuing their momentum from the previous game, Island Time has one once again. Having Kendall Gillians join the roster has proven to be a successful roster move. Although these wins have not been against the top teams in the league, they show improvement from Island Time. Next week Island Time will square off against the Werewolves. Going into that one, they will be looking to carry forward their momentum.



Just two weeks after finding their first win of the season, the Halfway Crooks find themselves struggling. Once again, they did manage to keep the game close. Even though it was a close game, they will need to improve many aspects of their game if they hope to be relevant come playoff time. Yearning for that sweet taste of victory once again, they will be looking forward to a week eight matchup with the Basket Hounds.



Every week it seemed like The Goodfellas were able to keep their games close. Dujes Boys had something to say about that as they ran away with this one. Becoming a more versatile team offensively will be essential if they want to find more success than they have been. You can be sure that they will be looking to improve next week in their game versus the Bucket Chasers.



The Shady Dunkers have started to play closer games each week. They certainly have a number of players that can light it up on the offensive end. However, they are yet to put it together toward anything in the win column. They will have a big challenge ahead of them as they prepare to face Lob City.



 This Stampede team has seemingly gotten worse each week. As we head into the home stretch with only two regular-season games left, they are beginning to run out of time to figure out where things are going wrong. They will look to see some improvement next week when they face Good U.



The Basket Hounds lost to the Ozone Boys. With this loss, they remain winless on the season. With only two games left in the regular season against the Halfway Crooks and Island Time, they will look to compete as they face two of the teams in the bottom half of the standings. The Halfway Crooks will be their matchup for next week.