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Boom-Shakalaka remains undefeated after their Week 8 win against the Boston Blazers. They have shown time and time again that they are capable of completely controlling the flow of a game. They push the pace and force their opposition to get out of rhythm. They will look to complete the undefeated regular season next week against longtime rival Halfway Crooks.



Lob City dominated this game like they have many times before. They jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. They were able to score at will and did not face much of a challenge against the Shady Dunkers. They have been plagued by nagging injuries that have caused them to play shorthanded. They will wrap up the regular season against Good U with a First Round bye on the line.




Good U bounced back after a tough loss in Week 7. They got back to playing their style of basketball, and utilized fantastic team play to breeze past the Stampede in Week 8. They will not have much time to celebrate this win as they need to get focused on going up against a strong opponent next week in Lob City. With a Week 9 win, Good U could earn a First Round bye and the second overall seed.



This win for the Ozone Boys did not come easy in Week 8. They battled with the Duje’s Boys down to the buzzer, but walked away victorious. Regardless of how the win came, it marks their sixth-consecutive win. This is a team that is rolling, and it can be seen in their playstyle. They exude confidence. Next week they will look to continue their win streak against the Bucket Chasers.



The Duje’s Boys went to war this past week against the Ozone Boys. They were not able to pull out the win, but were in it right up to the final buzzer. They continue to play in tight games whenever they face teams that are in the upper part of the standings. They will look to cap off the season with a win and hopefully improve their playoff seeding next week against the Shady Dunkers.



The Boston Blazers faced off against an extremely talented Boom-Shakalaka team. This game was much closer than the final score represents. The Boston Blazers were in this game up until the fourth quarter, which shows that they are capable of playing with any team in the league. They will look to grab some momentum heading into the playoffs against The Goodfellas in their last game of the regular season.



The Werewolves have been a streaky team this year. On some occasions they have showcased the ability to play tough games against anyone in the league. However, there have been other times that it seems like they have lost to teams that they should have been able to beat. Next week they will look to start a playoff push as they go up against the Stampede.



Island Time was able to pull out a win in a close game that went down to the wire against the Werewolves. Island Time has been on a roll lately as this one marks their third-straight win. This is a good time to heat up as we are staring the playoffs right in the face. Next week Island Time will look to continue their streak against the Basket Hounds in the final game of the regular season.



The Bucket Chasers beat The Goodfellas in a game that could possibly be very important to playoff seeding. They have shown that they have the ability to be dominant down low and also have the ability to shoot the three. If they can get everything going right, they will be a candidate for a deep playoff run. Next week they will look to prove themselves as they go up against the Ozone Boys.



The Halfway Crooks ran away with the lead this past week against a winless Basket Hounds Team. While this win will feel good for the Halfway Crooks, it does not necessarily show anything about the Halfway Crooks that we did not already know. They are built on solid play from their big men. They will face off against Boom-Shakalaka to close out the season in a game where their big men will have to dominate.



The Goodfellas lost in monumental fashion this past week. They took a 36-point loss at the hands of the Bucket Chasers. They will need to figure things out if they want to have a chance at making it out of the First Round of the playoffs. They have capable scorers that have been shooting a very low percentage as of late. Next week they will be facing the Boston Blazers in a game that will have a playoff feel to it.



The Shady Dunkers took a big loss to Lob City in Week 8. They continue to suffer from a lack of depth on their roster. They seemingly have two or three players show up big in the box score every week, but they do not get much help beyond that. They will look to make a final stand as we head into the playoffs. Competing against the Duje’s Boys in Week 9 will be important as they enter the playoffs.



This Stampede team has been struggling ever since they won their second game of the season in Week 2.. They never seemed to find a way to bounce back and have now lost six-straight. It seems like the team we are seeing now has gotten away from whatever they were doing to be successful early in the season. They will look to find their old selves next week against the Werewolves before the playoffs begin Sunday, August 4th. 



The Basket Hounds remain winless after going up against the Halfway Crooks in Week 8. They have been plagued by the same challenges week after week. They continue to try to find a way to offset their lack of size and defensive ability. They will look to avoid the winless season as they go up against Island Time in Week 9.