Here is the list of 16 players who have been voted into the Summer 2016 All-Star Game, that will take place on Tuesday, August 16 at 8pm at Insports in Trumbull, Connecticut:

  • Bryan Acevedo (Sportslook) [#TeamCoward]
  • Andrew Cavanagh (Sportslook) [#TeamCody]
  • Brett Cody (The Land) *CAPTAIN
  • Tyrhon Coward (The Brotherhood) *CAPTAIN
  • Michael Davis (The Brotherhood) [#TeamCody]
  • Chris Dias (The Pandas) [#TeamCoward]
  • Cody Dileonardo (Blood, Sweat and Beers) [#TeamCody]
  • Mark Harrison (ZewCrew) [#TeamCoward]
  • Shaq Holman (Run TMC) [#TeamCoward]
  • Will Hudson (Run TMC) [#TeamCody]
  • John Lutters (Blood, Sweat and Beers) [#TeamCody]
  • Jelan Mason (The Pandas) [#TeamCoward]
  • Russ Payton (The Brotherhood) [#TeamCoward]
  • Stephen Petrahai (Hateful 8) [#Team Coward]
  • Aaron Samuel (Wake and Blake) [#TeamCody]
  • Aaron Smith (And-1) [#TeamCody]

Each team has at least one representative in the All-Star Game. Voting was done by the four Legacy Leagues analysts, as well as a select group of other contributors to the league. Any player who cannot be at the All-Star Game, or is playing the Championship game (August 16, 9pm) and decides not to play will still be honored as an All-Star for the Summer 16 season. A replacement player will be selected from the other players who received votes.

To see who the two captains selected to be on their respective teams, check out the Summer 2016 All-Star Draft, that took place live on our Facebook page, by clicking here.