The Summer 23 All-Star Night features the best players in the league facing off in our All-Star Game presented by Chelo’s Bar & Grille, as well as the best shooters and dunkers battling it out in our Three-Point Shootout and Slam Dunk Contest! 

In the Slam Dunk Contest the favorite seems to be Joseph Sekator, who was a staple in our Top Plays video nearly every week. However, do not count out two-time defending champion Terrance Gallo, whose highlight dunk last year was an off the wall lob from Gian Avedisian leading to a windmill slam.

Aiden Dozois, and Nick Lemoine could be sleeper picks, as both have shown the ability to throw down creative dunks in game. Last up, Charles Alexander has shown us that he is one of the most aggressive dunkers in the league, which should result in some high scores from the judges.

It will be hard to beat three-time champion Jared Hanson in the Three-Point Shootout, who has only ever lost one three point contest in his Legacy Leagues career. That loss came at the hands of his teammate, Joey Zocco, who is looking to become a two-time champion.

Ellis Einhorn could be the first player to beat the Halfway Crooks pair, especially after his 10-for-11 three-point performance in Week 8 against the Duje’s Boys. Avedisian will also be a tough competitor, as he led the league in three-pointers made this season. Mark DeCosta has shown the most consistency this year, hitting 48.6 percent of his threes. Rounding out the group are Mario Valerio and Marvin Dowdell, who have both shown the tendency to shoot at will, both being top five in three-pointers attempted this season. 

The biggest game of the night will be the All-Star Game itself, presented by Chelo’s. Avedisian and Alexander drafted their teams and after looking at the lineups, Team Avedisian, coached by PJ Thomas, seems to be the favorite. Avedisian was sure to draft teammate Hatchi Amini and Devon Pina.

“[Hatchi is] in my opinion, the best point guard in the entire league, while Pina will get us some size underneath that rim,” Avedisian said.

Sekator will get his usual posters on this team, and with Lemoine and Bryan Yarce rounding out the squad, Team Avedisian will have the perfect mix of offense and defense as well as size and speed. 

Just because Team Avedisian is more well rounded, do not count out Team Alexander. Coached by Shaine Patrick, this team will be lights out from behind the arc, especially with the presence of Dowdell, Einhorn, and Valerio, all of whom are considered some of the best three point specialists in the league.

To combat the athleticism of Team Avedisian, David Depina and Dominique Langston were brought on. Picking Depina splits up all of the Game Breakers, while Langston will also get to match up against his Halfway Crooks teammate Pina.

“Dom is a better scorer than Devon, and he doesn’t travel as much!” Alexander said.

With Cody Crawford rounding out this team, we will be sure to see a lot of three-pointers flying from both teams. No matter which one of these teams comes out victorious, it is always interesting to see which player will be named All-Star Game MVP.