By William McAdoo

Matt Marconi and the rest of Goon Squad did not have what it took to stop Carmine Santorelli and the other offensive menaces. The Temptations were able to defeat Goon Squad, 72-66, in fashion as they clinched the number four seed in the playoffs and the last first round bye.

Although the score resulted a six point differential, the Temptations made the most out of week nine and stopped Goon Squad on the defensive side of the court. Along with Santorelli, Fred Milford and Erik Silva caused Goon Squad to panic on the offensive half and give up careless turnovers where Carmine would deliver on the other side with a dramatic slam dunk.

Other than Marconi, who had 33 of the 66 Goon Squad points, Brandon Massaro was the only teammate to get into double-digits with 10. The Temptations defense was on lock down and Goon Squad could not quite seem to figure a way around the stellar defense.

With the regular season in the books, the Temptations moved to the four seed, which results in a first round bye, whereas, Goon Squad dropped two positions to the number five seed, where they will have to face the winless Air Ballers in the first round of the Legacy League playoffs.