The Goodfellas are a group that knows their strengths and weaknesses.

Beating the Stampede64-58, they’ve once again marched to their own beat. Tied with the Halfway Crooks for third fewest total points scored (364) in the league this season, The Goodfellas rely on more defensive play.

“Honestly, if you can’t tell, we only gave up 58 points,” Tyler Krusz said. “That’s a defensive game, especially compared to what we did last week, so if I have to bring the physicality like I said on the court, all 5-foot-6, 150 pounds of me, I’ll make you feel it.”

It was a tight contest to the end, and Krusz stepped in to play a different role for his squad to help seal the deal over Stampede.

“As soon as Krusz got in there, we wanted to use all six fouls,” Joulien Martinelli said.

“I’m a little tired,” Krusz said. “I was out there a lot, I played a lot of the game. Legs are tired, jumping up, throwing all those dunks down, I think I had a whole what, zero points tonight, right?”

Martinellie had a game-high 21 points as well as a team-high nine rebounds.

“I walked into the gym today,” Martinelli said. “My guy, the ref right here, he’s making me feel good. I said, ‘I’m feeling loose today.’ Got right after it off the tip and we kept rolling.”

Although Martinelli showed up big time in Week 6, the Goodfellas have struggled offensively all season, averaging 60.6 points per game. Now sitting at 3-3 in the standings they rely on their strengths, which includes gritty, physical defensive play.

“We might be the most offensively challenged team in the league, but we break it down on defense,” Martinelli said.

Feeling confident in the remainder of their schedule, The Goodfellas already have their eyes set on the Duje’s Boys.

“I think we got our toughest games behind us right now,” Krusz said. “We got some guys that match up with us really well next week, especially the Duje’s Boys. They got someone I can guard, number zero out there, Anthony Verduchi, I can actually match up with him.

The Duje’s Boys, also sitting at 3-3, will be a great test for The Goodfellas in a fight to get above .500.

“I’m just looking forward to closing out the season,” Krusz said. “We’re playing great right now, so if we can keep the swing of things going, we’ll be good.”