First Round Results:

(10) BOGY KICKS 73, (7) OZONE BOYS 63
Box Score / Interview

(9) LINCOLN 18ERS 61, (8) ONLY THE FAM 51
Box Score / Interview

Quarterfinal Results:

(3) RI WARRIORS 90, (6) SIN CITY 68
Box Score / Interview

Box Score / Interview

(1) DUJE’S BOYS 115, (9) LINCOLN 18ERS 70
Box Score / Interview

(2) LOB CITY 79, (10) BOGY KICKS 65
Box Score / Interview

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First Round & Quarterfinal Postgame Show

Semifinals (Tuesday, August 9th)

-7PM: 3-seed RI Warriors vs 2-seed Lob City
-8PM: 4-seed Werewolves vs 1-seed Duje’s Boys

Finals (Tuesday, August 16th)


All-Star Game (Tuesday, August 23rd)

-8PM: Team Thomas vs Team Ruggiero