This game was just pure dominance from the Orcas, handing Good U a 33 point loss, one of their worst of the season. The Orcas were led by Gio Diaz who scored 25 points and Dexter Loux who had 22 points.

“We just wanted to have a better performance, I mean last two games offense hasn’t been there you can tell by the box score so we just wanted to come out and have a complete performance,” Loux said. A complete performance it was, shooting 52 percent from the field, 35 percent from three, and also grabbing 44 rebounds in the process.

Good U, on the other hand, had one of its worst losses of the season. They shot just 27 percent from the field and 25 percent from three. It was a very rare game in which we saw Good U struggling.  Previously, when we have seen them, they stay in the game even when they are down. A lot of Good U’s struggles came from being short-handed, only having one substitute available–and their fatigue showed.

Credit to the Orcas, they put pedal to the metal in the second quarter and were led by Gio Diaz. After the win, Diaz attributed his squad’s success to “staying aggressive as we start the game and just keep pounding the rock and talk on defense.” All of which helped propel the Orcas to a dominant victory. They got steals which led to easy fast break dunks, and they looked for the mismatches in the paint.

“That’s a damn good team too they have a lot of experience, I know next week we got the defending champs, we feel like the playoffs start now” Loux said. The Orcas have a good chance to see what they are about as they face the defending champs, Duje’s Boys, next week.