The Mambas and the Warriors faced off Tuesday night with a fast-paced second game of the season. Both teams came to play but the Warriors took home the win 88-76, delivering the Mambas their second loss this season.

The Warriors had big numbers across the board, but the play maker of the evening was Kevin Figueiredo with 36 points, all from inside the arc. Figueiredo was on fire all night, hitting jumpers from every angle and finding openings all over the court. That showcase of top talent ultimately resulting in collecting five of his team’s 11 offensive rebounds and leading in the rebounding category.

Not to go unseen was Mambas top scorer Jake Perry who managed to rack up 16 points of his team’s 76 and leading the team in defensive rebounds.

Last week against the Ozone Boys, the Mambas seemed to be losing momentum in the second half as they watched their deficit increase. They struggled defensively in the first week with their zone coverage which allowed for the Ozone Boys to manage some clean drives to the rim. This week, however, they held strong. Their chemistry was and ability to close defensive gaps had improved. Being early in the season, there is a lot of room for the Mambas to continue to develop their defensive camaraderie.

For the Warriors, they made up for their opening week loss by coming away with a win in week two due to much improved gameplay as their chemistry and ball movement continues to mold together. They were able to hang on to their ranking above the Mambas with the victory and look to keep climbing up the rankings. With competition on the line and revenge in mind, this won’t be the last we hear from either side.