By Jared Cinotti

Low Post Podcast: Josh Turano and Tyler Krusz break down Week 7 in the Rhode Island Legacy Leagues. The guys get you back up to speed on the league, as well as discuss the current imbalance of power, and if it even out come playoff time.

8:30PM: WILD HOGS (0-5) vs HALFWAY CROOKS (1-4)

Wild Hogs will be coming into this week hungry for their first win as they continue to struggle after losing to the Green Squad in Week 5. Halfway Crooks finally picked up their first win in the previous week as they defeated the Average Joes in comfortable fashion. The Halfway Crooks will look to carry this momentum into the upcoming week as they will be facing a stingy team in the Wild Hogs.

The Wild Hogs play tough defense and are always busy around the glass creating second chances, but overall they will just have to score more consistently than they have in previous weeks. The Wild Hogs will have to be a lot more efficient on offense as they are the least efficient scoring team in the league this season and the Hlafway Crooks are sixth.

Players to Watch: Joey Coro (Wild Hogs), Jared Hanson (Halfway Crooks)

  • Hanson: Week after week he has been putting together solid performances as he leads the team in scoring on the season. If he happens to get hot, it will be a long night for the Wild Hogs.
  • Coro: He has been their most outstanding player to this point in the season, as he leads the team in both scoring and rebounding. If he is not stopped in the paint, then the Halfway Crooks will have a tough time getting a victory.

Potential Breakout Players: Marc Betancourt (Wild Hogs), Justin Kolenda (Halfway Crooks)

  • Betancourt: He is second in 3-pointers made on the team and averages 11.2 points per game. If he is able to get it going from outside, and Coro controls the paint, than they will surely secure a victory.
  • Kolenda: Kolenda is first in rebounding for the team, averaging 8.8 per game to go along with averaging a respectable 12 points per game. If Kolenda gets a rhythm going and controls the glass like he has, him and Hanson should be able to put together a win against the Wild Hogs.

Legacy League Picks:

Jared: Wild Hogs

Greg: Wild Hogs

Tyler: Wild Hogs



Boom-Shakalaka and Prestige Worldwide will be matched-up in what should be one of the best regular season games of the year, as each powerhouse team will try to continue their winning ways. Bryan Yarce and company will look to take down Nate Stichell and his dominant squad. Coming into this game, Boom-Shakalaka had just won in the previous week to the Werewolves by a commanding lead. In that one, they had their full team back, including key big man Ryan Rawnsley.

Only one team will leave distraught with a loss, but its only a matter of who brings their A-game in this marquee matchup because it is so evenly matched. If Stichell and Brandon Sweeney do not play as they have in previous weeks, than it will be smooth sailing for Prestige Worldwide in Week 6. On the other hand, if Yarce and Shaine Patrick do not show up, Boom-Shakalaka will likely come out with an authoritative victory.

Players to Watch: Brandon Sweeney (Boom-Shakalaka), Bryan Yarce (Prestige Worldwide)

  • Sweeney: He is averaging 23.3 points and 9.8 rebounds per game this season, leading his team in both of those categories. Each week he is able to show out, and if he is able to get hot from the field again while snagging rebounds, Prestige Worldwide will struggle throughout.
  • Yarce: Bryan Yarce at this point in the season has been arguably the most outstanding player, averaging 28 points per game while shooting 50% from the field. If he is able to get this kind of momentum in-game, than they should be able to get the win over Boom-Shakalaka.

Potential Breakout Players: Ryan Rawnsley (Boom-Shakalaka), Ryan Bosquet (Prestige Worldwide)

  • Rawnsley: Through only two games this season that he has been able to attend he has put up 11.2 points per game along with 5.5 rebounds per game, if he is able to be a force down low for them alongside Sweeney it will be a very dominant game for them.
  • Bosquet: Behind Patrick and Yarce he has the best shooting percentage out of anyone on the team while also averaging 10.2 points per game. Bosquet needs to be feeling it this week, because Yarce will need all the help he can get, as Boom-Shakalaka will not be an easy match-up.

Legacy League Picks:

Jared: Boom-Shakalaka

Greg: Boom-Shakalaka

Tyler: Boom-Shakalaka


9:30PM: AVERAGE JOES (0-5) vs GREEN SQUAD (4-1)

Green Squad has been in quite a groove ever since their Week 2 loss to the Swish Kabobs, and they do not look like that they have any intention on slowing down. Their opponent this week, the Average Joes, have been doing quite the opposite as their struggles continue coming off yet another loss to the Halfway Crooks. They will be on the hunt for that first win this week as they try to make a push before the playoffs.

For total points scored this year the Green Squad are first whereas the Average Joes are second to last, so the Joes will have to really pick up their scoring if they want to have any chance against them this week. Overall the Green Squad are the most efficient scoring team in the league at this point in the season and the Average Joes will have to step it up if they want to secure their first victory.

Players To Watch: Matt Scavitti (Average Joes), Victor Kashouh Jr (Green Squad)

  • Scavitti: He leads their team in scoring per game with 21.5 and also grabs 7.5 rebounds per game. Scavitti will have to continue his good play if they want to have any chance in this game against Green Squad.
  • Kashouh Jr.: Averaging 21.6 points per game while shooting 60 percent from the field, Kashouh Jr. is just an outstanding player. If he continues to perform at a high level, it will be a long night for the Average Joes against Green Squad.

Potential Breakout Players: Steve Pirri (Average Joes) Marc Testa (Green Squad)

  • Pirri: Tied for most rebounds per game on the team, he is a force down low who also averages 10 points per game. If he can get in his groove and assist Scavitti, they should be able to come out with the win.
  • Testa: A new addition to the team last week, Testa is a big body to have in the paint who can clean the glass while possessing the ability to score the ball as well. With the addition of him, alongside the big three of Kashouh, Cody Crawford and Greg Holt, it will likely be a cruise for them against the Average Joes.

Legacy League Picks:

Jared: Green Squad

Greg: Green Squad

Tyler: Green Squad


10:30PM: WEREWOLVES (3-2) vs SWISH KABOBS (4-1)

Coming off a tough loss in Week 6, the Swish Kabobs are undefeated no more as they fell to Prestige Worldwide. However, the Werewolves will also be coming into this week after losing to Boom-Shakalaka so both teams should be very eager for a win. The Swish Kabobs had been on a roll until they ran into Bryan Yarce and company last week. They should be able to bounce back this week against the Werewolves as they are third in scoring efficiency, whereas the Werewolves are fifth in the league.

The Werewolves this season have been in some close games though, and they could easily give the Swish Kabobs a run for their money by possibly handing them their second loss of the season. The whole team needs to show up. It cannot just be Brian Heston and Gino Forte doing all the scoring. In order for the Werewolves to get a victory in this game, all of their team needs to be scoring efficiently and not just one or two players on the team.

Players to Watch: Brian Heston (Werewolves),Tyler Barbosa (Swish Kabobs)

  • Heston: Averaging a double-double this far into the season, Heston is a one man show as his numbers are 23.6 points per game and 11.8 rebounds per game. The Swish Kabobs will have to slow down his scoring and box him out as best they can if they want to secure the win.
  • Barbosa: He has hit the most threes on the team and averages a solid 14.4 points per game to lead the way for his team through week 6. The Werewolves must closely defend him from behind the arc, and not let him shoot, as it is only a matter of time before this man gets on fire.

Potential Breakout Players: Conor Harrington (Werewolves), Kyle Vieria (Swish Kabobs)

  • Harrington: While only averaging 5 points per game, he is snagging 5.4 boards per game. If he is able to get some open looks from Forte and Heston while also controlling the paint, he should be in for a good outing this week.
  • Vieria: His ability to facilitate the team and get everyone involved is a key to their second unit’s success, as he is second on the team in total assists for the season. If he is able to control the tempo and run the team while also scoring at the rate he has, it will be a good night for the Swish Kabobs.

Legacy League Picks:

Jared: Swish Kabobs

Greg: Swish Kabobs

Tyler: Swish Kabobs