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ZewCrew heads into Week 8 on a two-game losing streak, looking to get back on track before postseason play. Unfortunately, they are up against the undefeated and potentially unstoppable force that is The Brotherhood, who hasn’t score less than 95 points since Week 3.

Players to Watch: Ty Alston (ZewCrew), Russ Payton (The Brotherhood)

  • Alston: 18 PTS, 12 REB, 4 AST (Week 6 vs The Pandas)
  • Payton: 20.2 PPG, 5.3 RPG (Week 6 Player of the Week)

Potential Breakout Players: Chris Rosario (ZewCrew), Kyle Small (The Brotherhood)

  • Rosario: 10.3 PPG, 4.5 RPG (Did not play in Week 6)
  • Small: 6.6 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 1.6 RPG

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Joe: The Brotherhood

Vic: The Brotherhood

Max:  The Brotherhood

Sam: The Brotherhood


8PM: THE HATEFUL 8 (0-7) vs WAKE AND BLAKE (3-4)

The Legacy Leagues final win-less team, The Hateful 8, was unable to finish off And-1 last week after obtaining a halftime lead. Wake and Blake also lost last week in a lopsided game against BS&B. Wake and Blake has an opportunity to finish the regular season above .500 facing teams in the final two weeks with a combined 1-13 record.

Players to Watch: Steve Petrahai (The Hateful 8), Aaron Samuel (Wake and Blake)

  • Petrahai: 9.1 PPG, 5.6 RPG, 0.7 BPG
  • Samuel: 54 PTS, 14 REB since Week 6 debut 

Potential Breakout Players: Jay Ramos (The Hateful 8), Kevin Bott (Wake and Blake)

  • Ramos: 8 PTS on 3-of-5 shooting, 3 REB (Week 6 vs And-1)
  • Bott: 6.1 PPG, 5.6 RPG, 0.9 BPG

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Joe: Wake and Blake

Vic: Wake and Blake

Max: Wake and Blake

Sam: Wake and Blake


9PM: SPORTSLOOK (6-1) vs THE LAND (2-5)

Sportslook continues to win without Andrew Cavanagh, who has been sidelined since Week 4. Team sources have said that a Cavanagh return is “probable” for Week 8, setting up an Acevedo/Cavanagh 1-2 punch for the first time this season. If this holds true, The Land will be facing another big task, coming off a loss to The Brotherhood despite bringing in several reinforcements last week.

Players to Watch: Andrew Cavanagh (Sportslook), Mike Cody (The Land)

  • Cavanagh: 27.0 PPG, 6.7 RPG, 6.0 APG (3 Games This Season)
  • Cody: 19 PTS, 6 REB, 3 AST (Week 6 vs The Brotherhood)

Potential Breakout Players: Johnny O’Brien (Sportslook), Alec Ward (The Land)

  • O’Brien: 20 PTS, 7 REB, 1 AST (Week 7 vs Run TMC)
  • Ward: 10.1 PPG, 2.8 RPG, 2.6 APG

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Joe: Sportslook

Vic: Sportslook

Max: Sportslook

Sam: Sportslook


9PM: AND-1 (1-6) vs THE PANDAS (3-4)

And-1 finally snatched their first win of the season last week against The Hateful 8. They face an interesting matchup this week just because The Pandas are notorious for their unpredictable roster from week to week. Chris Dias and Jelan Mason were the only two of The Pandas’ big four to show up last week, so And-1 may be able to keep things close if The Pandas can’t bring more than one of their premier players.

Players to Watch: Santiago Mateo (And-1), Chris Dias (The Pandas)

  • Mateo: 13 PTS on 6-of-11 shooting, 5 REB (Week 6 vs The Hateful 8)
  • Dias: 22 PTS, 9 REB, 10-of-14 FT (Week 6 vs ZewCrew)

Potential Breakout Players: Chris Crespo (And-1), Dre Joyner (The Pandas)

  • Crespo: 7 PTS on 3-of-5 shooting (Week 6 vs The Hateful 8)
  • Joyner: 7.4 PPG, 6.0 RPG, 3.3 APG

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Joe: The Pandas

Vic: The Pandas

Max: The Pandas

Sam: The Pandas


10PM: BLOOD, SWEAT & BEERS (6-1) vs RUN TMC (3-4)

BS&B continues to make their presence felt in The Legacy Leagues after annihilating Wake and Blake, 72-49, in a game that included multiple highlight-worthy plays. They have a chance to lock up a top-three seed heading into the playoffs with a win against Run TMC, who moved back under .500 after last week’s loss to Sportslook. Run TMC needs to win their last two games to head into playoffs with a winning record.

Players to Watch: Eli Todd (BS&B), Matt Zocco (Run TMC)

  • Todd: 18 PTS, 9 REB, 3 STL (Week 6 vs Wake and Blake)
  • Zocco: 24 PTS, 7-of-12 3PT, 3 AST (Week 6 vs Sportslook)

Potential Breakout Players: Pat Gilson (BS&B), Rob Koripsky (Run TMC)

  • Gilson: 15 PTS, 4 REB, 2 AST (Week 6 vs Wake and Blake)
  • Koripsky: 10.7 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 1.7 APG

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Joe: Blood, Sweat and Beers

Vic: Blood, Sweat and Beers

Max: Run TMC

Sam: Blood, Sweat and Beers


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