By Brendan Bucher | Photo Courtesy of Alex Denner/Legacy Leagues

All-Star night started out with a bang as Dontae Abbate and Eddie Whitman, Young Kings teammates, showcased their talents to take home the Sportslook Passing League Dunk Contest and DJ Stillo Three-Point Shootout on Thursday night.

To top off the night Eddie Whitman led the first round with 18 points in the first round and 16 in the second round. Anthony Vessicchio
advanced to the final along with Whitman as he knocked down 17 and 13 points in the first two rounds, respectively.

While defending champion Matt Zocco saw an early first round exit netting only five points in his trip around the arc. Will Hudson and Joey Zocco both stroked in 16 in their first time around, then Hudson knocked out Zocco in a tie breaker to advance to the final in a teammate-on-teammate battle of runner up TMC.

Whitman dominated the final as he did all summer with 58 total three’s made this season. He poured in 16 in the final as he took down Hudson (10), and Vessicchio (13). Hudson started off the final round with 10 points, then Vessichio put the pressure on Whitman and put up 13, but Whitman prevailed in the end for the win. Whitman was a lock for this contest and proved his ability to knock it down with the best of them.

“We haven’t played in like four weeks because we lost in the first round, it’s the same thing as a game.” Whitman said. “Definitely the top of the key is my spot, I feel like i hit a lot of those, that was the key for me. It’s pretty cool, I wasn’t expecting this because I’ve never done a three point contest, it’s pretty cool to come out and win.”

Following the three point contest, the highly anticipated dunk contest kicked off. Brett Cody began the night with with an alley oop off the side of the backboard for a one handed jam on a pass from Will Hudson to score 31 points. Cody scored a 34 on his second dunk to end with 65 total points for his first two rounds. Dontae Abbate followed up with a two handed windmill from inside the free throw line to score a 33, taking the lead. Then wasn’t as strong on his second attempt only scoring a 32 to tie with Cody at 65.

Eric Singleton followed even stronger with a toss to himself into a through the legs one handed stuff and earned 35 points. Singleton collected 33 points on his second attempt to lead the way with 67 total points. Cody, Abbate, and Singleton all advanced to the final over Kyle Coniglio and Chris Leak who failed to top them with only 61 and 63 points.

Cody tried to show out in the final round with a one handed windmill slam but got no love only scoring 31 points from the judges. Abbate came back with a bang and showed off his bounce, hopping over a ball rack into a windmill backwards finish to take the lead with 35 points. Singleton failed to score on a final dunk, giving Abbate the trophy.

“It feels good because we should be all stars and got snubbed, so we had to win something.” Abbate said. “We dropped 70 points against Run TMC that’s all I know.”