By Matt Stefano

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Weekly Rebound Podcast S2E10: Week 9 review and playoff scenarios with Joey Zocco: Sam Leventhal is back this week, and has taken the responsibility of hosting the Commish Joey Zocco. The guys go in-depth recapping Week 9 (2:40) and what those games mean for the playoffs. They also make some Week 10 Monday (35:55) and Week 10 Tuesday picks (40:00), talk potential playoff seeding for some teams (44:37), make upset picks (49:00) and Sam has some interesting questions about 5th Man of the Year and Red-emption being legit (51:45).


Sportslook is coming into this week after a sloppy loss to Lob 203 last week. Stranger Danger hopes to bounce back after a tough loss to Cereal Killers. This should be a close game and Stranger Danger is looking for a last minute victory to raise their playoff seed. If Tyrell Holmes doesn’t show up for Sportlook, Johnny O’Brien and Will McAdoo should have no problem helping lead Stranger Danger to the win.

Players to Watch: Johnny O’Brien (Stranger Danger), Steve Niggebrugge (Sportslook)

  • O’Brien: 24 points on 11-for-17 shooting and seven rebounds in last week’s loss to Cereal Killers
  • Niggebrugge: 12.8 PPG and 6.6 RPG on the season

Potential Breakout Players: Joe Cordy (Stranger Danger), Christian Allen (Sportslook)

  • Cordy: 11 PPG and 5.3 RPG on the season
  • Allen: 11.3 PPG and 4.3 RPG on the season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Stranger Danger

Ryan: Stranger Danger

Ben: Stranger Danger

Ellis: Stranger Danger



Both teams come into this week after close victories in week nine. The Renegades slid past White Magic, while the Temptations beat Run TMC in the last few seconds. The Renegades and Temptations each have a goal of a higher playoff seed, and this game will be a deciding factor. Ty Reed and the Renegades will have to work on defense and moving the ball around if they want to beat Carmine Santorelli’s sharpshooting and Temptations good inside play.

Players to Watch: Zeek Howard (Renegades), Fred Milfort (Temptations)

  • Howard: 27 points in week 9 victory against White Magic
  • Milfort: 24 points and 7 rebounds in victory against Run TMC last week

Potential Breakout Players: Davin Sirpenski (Renegades), Erik Silva (Temptations)

  • Sirpenski: 12.0 PPG and 46 rebounds this season
  • Silva: 11.1 PPG and shooting 54.2 percent from the floor this season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Temptations

Ryan: Temptations

Ben: Renegades

Ellis: Temptations



In a game with heavy playoff implications, Goon Squad finds themselves on a little bit of a losing streak, most recently a tough loss to No Limit. Red-emption is coming back to the court after a hard-earned victory against the Monstars. Matt Marconi and DJ Ellis will have to be effective shooting and put constant pressure on Jalen Graham if they want a higher playoff seed.

Player to Watch: Brandon Massaro (Goon Squad), Joel Castillo (Red-emption)

  • Massaro: 25 points against No Limit in week 9 loss
  • Castillo: 11 steals this season; 10 points against Monstars in week 9 win

Potential Breakout Players: Justin Green (Goon Squad), Scott Corchard (Red-emption)

  • Green: 11.5 PPG and 1.7 APG on the season
  • Corchard: 3 steals against No Limit in week 9 win; averaging 14.8 PPG on the season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Red-emption

Ryan: Red-emption

Ben: Red-emption

Ellis: Red-emption


MONDAY 10:15PM: RUN TMC (4-3) VS LOB 203 (2-5)

Run TMC lost in the last few seconds against the Temptations last week, while Lob 203 scraped by Sportslook for their second win. Run TMC will be looking to hit the ground running this week with a lot of fast paced basketball against the lackadaisical Lob 203. Andrew Martino will need help from his team if he hopes to overcome the Zocco duo, WIll Hudson, and Kevin Blake.

Players to Watch: Kevin Blake (Run TMC), Andrew Sampietro (Lob 203)

  • Blake: 33 points on 13-18 shooting and 10 rebounds in last week’s loss to Temptations
  • Sampietro: 8.7 PPG and 8 made three-pointers on the season

Potential Breakout Players: Joey Zocco (Run TMC), Cody Dileonardo (Lob 203)

  • Zocco: 15 points on 5-for-5 shooting in Week 9 loss to Temptations
  • Dileonardo: 9.0 PPG and 5.3 RPG on the season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Run TMC

Ryan: Run TMC

Ben: Run TMC

Ellis: Run TMC



No Limit will hope to continue their undefeated streak as they go against the Temptations this week. Carmine Santorelli will have to play a great game and utilize his teammates to even be in the conversation of beating No Limit. Howie Miller, John Rullan, and Tarell Vargas will have to play hard team defense against Santorelli to contain the potential MVP candidate.

Players to Watch: Carmine Santorelli (Temptations), Howie Miller (No Limit)

  • Santorelli: 30 points and 8 assists against Run TMC in week 9 win
  • Miller: 23 points against Goon Squad in week 9 win; averaging 20.9 PPG on the season

Potential Breakout Players: Bryan Pratt (Temptations), Ronte Byrd (No Limit)

  • Pratt: 17 points on 5-for-9 shooting against Run TMC in week 9 win
  • Byrd: averaging 14 PPG, 9.67 RPG and 4.67 APG over his last three games

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: No Limit

Ryan: No Limit

Ben: No Limit

Ellis: No Limit


TUESDAY 9:15PM: RENEGADES (4-3) VS LOB 203 (2-5)

Both teams come into this game after close victories in week nine. The Renegades scraped past White Magic, while Lob 203 won a sloppy game against Sportslook. Lob 203 will be hoping to gain one last victory to raise their playoff seed. Both teams will need to control the tempo and maintain possession of the ball if they want to win.

Players to Watch: Ty Reed (Renegades), Paul Mirmina (Lob 203)

  • Reed: 24.5 PPG and 11 RPG on the season
  • Mirmina: averaging 14.1 PPG on the season; scored 17 points against Sportslook in week 9 win

Potential Breakout Players: Tyler Russell (Renegades), John Brolet (Lob 203)

  • Russell: 7.0 PPG and 5.4 RPG and 11 steals on the season
  • Brolet: averaging 8.0 PPG on the season; scored 10 points in week 9 win over Sportslook

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Renegades

Ryan: Renegades

Ben: Renegdaes

Ellis: Renegades



Run TMC will be looking to sweep both games this week in order to get a higher playoff seed. If Sportslook doesn’t come away victorious, they will end up entering the playoffs as a bottom-two seed. Once again, Sportslook’s fate relies on Tyrell Holmes and Scott Benzing, while Run TMC has a good squad that passes the ball well and plays an uptempo style, one that Sportslook will have to try to keep up with to keep the score close.

Players to Watch: Nick Bacarella (Sportslook), Matt Zocco (Run TMC)

  • Bacarella: averages 6.4 PPG on the season; scored 10 points against Lob 203 in week 9 loss
  • Zocco: 18 points and 6 assists in week 9 loss to Temptations

Potential Breakout Players: Tyrell Holmes (Sportslook), Will Hudson (Run TMC)

  • Holmes: 20.0 PPG and 4.7 RPG on the season
  • Hudson: averaging 22.9 PPG and 8.9 RPG on the season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Run TMC

Ryan: Run TMC

Ben: Run TMC

Ellis: Run TMC



The Cereal Killers will attempt to continue their undefeated season this week after dominating Stranger Danger in week 9. This is Goon Squad’s last opportunity to make a statement before the playoffs. It is up to Goon Squad’s defense to win this game, as we have seen the Cereal Killers be a high-scoring team who only gain momentum as the game continues on.

Players to Watch: DJ Ellis (Goon Squad), Michael Davis (Cereal Killers)

  • Ellis: averages 11.7 PPG on the season; scored 16 points last week against No Limit
  • Davis: 18.4 PPG, 5.5 APG, 5.0 RPG and 45.1 3P% on the season

Potential Breakout Players: Matt Marconi (Goon Squad), Justin Thompson (Cereal Killers)

  • Marconi: 19.3 PPG and 6.0 RPG on the season
  • Thompson: 14.0 PPG and 3.6 APG on the season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Cereal Killers

Ryan: Cereal Killers

Ben: Cereal Killers

Ellis: Cereal Killers