Legacy Leagues Week 6 Power Rankings

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      Not only has No Limit proven itself as an elite team in the league, but they are also clearly the best team in the league right now. This stacked team is lead by four players averaging double figure scoring numbers, and just squeaked by a Run TMC team that seems to match up very well with them. Playing without Kevin Rivera changes the way this team operates, and but not having Rivera the next few weeks may not cost No Limit their first loss.



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       The Monstars squeaked by a frisky Lob 203 team, only to look up to see three tough oppenents up next: the Temptations in week 7, followed by The Rookies and Red-emption. Reggie Stewart continues to show he is an elite scorer in this league with the ball in his hands, while, Brandon Seabrook, Corey Jacobs, and Mike Cody have complimented Stewart nicely. Those four all average double figure scoring numbers, and will need all hands on deck to finish the season with only one blemish on their record.



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  green up 1 on gray    After a respectable and hard-fought eight-point victory over The Rookies last week, the road does not get an easier for the Cereal Killers, who see a tough Firm squad in front of them in week 7. Michael Davis and Tyrhon Coward lead this team, but have gotten contributions from others such as Nick Perry and Justin Thompson of late. With one of the easier schedules, can this team do what we expect and stay undefeated? The Firm may have something to say about that.



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  red arrow down 1   Carmine Santorelli only mustered up eight points as the Temptations were handed their first loss on the season courtesy of Goon Squad. Bryan Pratt stepped up, scoring all 18 points from beyond the three-point line. Santorelli still leads the league scoring with 34.6 points per game, and dishes out 7.2 assists per game. The Temptations are still a team to watch come playoff time, but will be put to the test many times before then, starting with the Monstars in week 7.



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      Leading the league in total points scored (527), field goals made (211), rebounds (211) and assists (111), this Red-emption team is an all-around talented team. Red-emption is coming off a runaway win over Sportslook in a game they played without Scott Corchard. Lethal scorer and MVP candidate Jalen Graham continues to play well, averaging 29.4 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 5.0 assists per game. Light It Up is expected to struggle against Red-emption in week 7, but Goon Squad and Monstars will be fun matchups to watch as the season winds down.



Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 11.05.50 PM


  green arrow up 1    Goon Squad handed the previously-undefeated Temptations their first loss of the season in the pretty convincing fashion in week 6. Matt Marconi continued to ball out, looking like the version of himself everyone remembers from the Fall season. This team is loaded with talent, but meshing together has been their issue so far. They will need to mesh quickly, as their last four games will definitely be a tough test: Lob 203 will look for their first win in week 7, followed by Red-emption, No Limit and the Cereal Killers.



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  red down 1 on gray    Run TMC should not be underestimated whatsoever after last week’s overtime loss to top-ranked No Limit. The team’s newest addition Joe Spain played extremely well, and nearly was enough to hand No Limit their first loss this season. The consistent play from Kevin Blake and Will Hudson will have to continue for this team to finish the season strong against a remaining schedule that shouldn’t pose too many problems.



The Firm log


      The Firm has been one the most consistent team this year, scoring around 60 points in all six of their games this season. That continued in week 6 as they knocked off the Renegades, 64-56. Dashawn Hall and Larry Littles came to ball last week, but it has been the addition of Markey DesRuisseaux who has made the most noticeable difference. A big time showdown in week 7 against the undefeated Cereal Killers might be the last team keeping The Firm from finishing 7-2 on the season.



Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 11.06.06 PM


  green up 2 gray    Despite still being winless in 2017, this team has shown they can play with the big dogs. That is because their schedule features nearly every highly-ranked in the league. Lob 203 fell by 3 to the Monstars, after having three 3-point attempts miss the mark in the final seconds. Three of this team’s five losses have come by a combined seven points, showing just how close they are to having a winning record. Goon Squad is the next tough opponent for Lob 203.



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  red arrow down 1   Sportslook played some of the higher-ranked teams in the league tough early in the season, but have not been able to keep games close of late, falling by almost 50 points to Red-emption in week 6. Their schedule lightens up, with White Magic and Stranger Danger next on the docket. Tyrell Holmes should be able to have his way in these next few games, before Sportslook’s next tests against Lob 203 and Run TMC.  



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  red down 1 on gray   The Renegades hung tough in week 6, but did not have enough without their best player, Ty Reed, to overcome The Firm. This team showed that they can hang with some of the top teams in the league even when their double-double machine is not on the court. The Rookies are up next, and are a team the Renegades need to beat before having to prepare to take on the Temptations in week 8.



 stranger danger logo(3-3)

  green arrow up 1    Stranger Danger won their second-straight game after jumping out early against the Avengers and never looking back in week 6. Week 7 poses a huge test for this team, as Run TMC stands in their way after taking No Limit to overtime. Run TMC has size all over the court, so it will be interesting to see how Stranger Danger matches up. They could use a win in week 7, as Sportslook and the Cereal Killers round out Stranger Danger’s schedule.




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  red down 1 on gray    Jhamal Jones has been an extremely consistent player since his debut in week 2 for The Rookies, including a 23-point performance in last week’s 81-73 loss to the Cereal Killers. Eric Singleton and Jaylon Smalls have also performed well, but it was the fourth quarter that once again buried a Cereal Killers opponent. The Rookies will need all three of these guys to perform well in week 7 when they take on the Renegades if they want to come away victorious. The Monstars and Avengers round out their schedule.




Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 8.46.21 PM


       This team has not won since week 2, and their week 6 game against Stranger Danger showed some of the reasons why. Their opponent scored the first 17 points of the game, making it tough for any team to dig themselves out of that hole. Their newest addition, Derrick Davis, will definitely help in the scoring department, but cannot do it all by himself. With No Limit up next, the Avengers will need to figure out their offensive woes quickly.




Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 8.49.32 PM


  green up 1 on gray    This team’s first win of the season was in convincing fashion, nearly doubling up Light It Up in week 6. Steven Buczek came to play once again, but is the only player on this team averaging more than ten points per contest (17.8ppg). White Magic’s size posed problems for the perimeter-oriented Light It Up. They do not get to celebrate this win for long though, as an also struggling Sportslook team is up next for White Magic.



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  red arrow down 1    Light It Up suffered another loss in week 6, now their third in a row, but this one hurts a little more coming at the hands of the previously winless White Magic. They have the lowest amount of points scored (287) and assists (30) of any team, and their schedule only gets tougher from here (Red-emption, No Limit and The Firm). Chris Rosario is the fourth-highest scorer in the league (22.2ppg), but this team will need to shoot way better from behind the arc (24 percent).