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The Weekly Rebound Podcast Season 2 Episode 6: Joe and Sam are back after a wild week of Legacy Leagues action with possible fifth man of the year candidates (23:56), updated power rankings (27:44) and Week 6 picks (37:36).



The Renegades are coming into this week after winning an easy game against Stranger Danger. The Firm is trying to bounce back this week after suffering a loss by a point to Goon Squad. The Renegades will try to continue to play their fast paced game, while The Firm has to try to make their shots and put enough points up on the scoreboard to stay in this game. Ty Reed will be looking to continue to lead the Renegades to another high-scoring victory.

Players To Watch: Ty Reed (Renegades), Chris Martinez (The Firm)

  • Ty Reed: 23.7 PPG and 10.0 RPG this season
  • Chris Martinez: 13.2 PPG and 7.6 RPG this season

Potential Breakout Players: Aaron McAlpine (Renegades), Larry Littles (The Firm)

  • Aaron McAlpine: 12.3 PPG and 4.0 RPG this season
  • Larry Littles: 11.8 PPG and 5.8 RPG this season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Renegades

Ryan: The Firm

Ben: The Firm

Ellis: The Firm



Sportslooks is looking to improve their record after a tough loss to Temptations last week. Red-emption hopes to win their second game in a row after blowing out Avengers. Jalen Graham of Red-emption will be looking to out score the new and improved high-scoring Sportslook squad. Scott Benzing and all of Sportsllok need balanced scoring from everyone of the team to ensure Red-emption doesn’t run away with the game.

Players To Watch: Scott Benzing (Sportslook), Jalen Graham (Red-emption)

  • Scott Benzing: 17.5 PPG and 65 FG% this season
  • Jalen Graham: 29.0 PPG and 60.5 FG% this season

Potential Breakout Players: Tyrell Holmes (Sportslook), Scott Corchard (Red-emption)

  • Tyrell Holmes: 21.0 PPG and 44.4 3P% this season
  • Scott Corchard: 16.2 PPG and 4.4 APG this season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Red-emption

Ryan: Red-emption

Ben: Red-emption

Ellis: Red-emption



The Cereal Killers remain undefeated this season and hope to keep the streak going when they take on the Rookies, who will be put to the test after having an easy schedule the past two weeks. Tyrhon Coward will hope to lead his Cereal Killers’ team to victory in what should be another high-scoring game, while the Rookies Jhamal Jones will attempt to keep pace on the scoreboard with Coward.

Players To Watch: Tyrhon Coward (Cereal Killers), Jhamal Jones (The Rookies)

  • Tyrhon Coward: 21.3 PPG and 51.6 FG% this season
  • Jhamal Jones: 14.8 PPG and 43.9 FG% this season

Potential Breakout Players: Michael Davis (Cereal Killers), Jaylon Smalls (The Rookies)

  • Michael Davis: 5.8 APG and 23 Steals this season
  • Jaylon Smalls: 12.4 PPG and 4.8 RPG this season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Cereal Killers

Ryan: Cereal Killers

Ben: Cereal Killers

Ellis: Cereal Killers



Two of the lower-ranked teams in the league will face each other this week. White Magic is still searching for their first win, while Light It Up will be going for their first win in since week 3. With neither team being known for their high scoring, this should be a game where offense and hitting shots is the difference. If White Magic wants to win this game, they must make it tough for Chris Rosario on the offensive end, while making some shots of their own.

Players To Watch: Steven Buczek (White Magic), Chris Rosario (Light It Up)

  • Steven Buczek: 16.2 PPG and 3.6 RPG this season
  • Chris Rosario: 22 PPG and 46.6 FG% this season

Potential Breakout Players: Mark Ballard (White Magic), Devin Luzietti (Light It Up)

  • Mark Ballard: 7.6 PPG and 41 FG% this season
  • Devin Luzietti: 8.0 RPG and 1 SPG this season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Light It Up

Ryan: Light It Up

Ben: Light It Up

Ellis: White Magic



Goon Squad is coming back from a close call, winning last weeks game by one point in overtime. The Temptations hopes to continue their undefeated streak in a rematch of last season’s triple overtime quarterfinals matchup. In order to achieve victory, Goon Squad’s Matt Marconi and DJ Ellis will have to make their shots, get rebounds and play really tight defense. The Temptations biggest weapon, Carmine Santoreli, can only hope to be contained with a good defensive coverage as shown early in last weeks game against Sportslook.

Players To Watch: Matt Marconi (Goon Squad), Carmine Santorelli (Temptations)

  • Matt Marconi: 21.0 PPG and 49.0 FG% this season
  • Carmine Santorelli: 41.3 PPG and 7.8 APG this season

Potential Breakout Players: DJ Ellis (Goon Squad), Troy Bunson (Temptations)

  • DJ Ellis: 11.3 PPG and 8.0 RPG this season
  • Troy Bunson: 15.0 PPG and 8.5 RPG this season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Temptations

Ryan: Temptations

Ben: Temptations

Ellis: Goon Squad



Run TMC is up for a challenge this week after handedly beating White Magic last week. No Limit is still undefeated, and is showing signs of being the league’s best team as they were picked to be at the beginning of the season. Run TMC’s Will Hudson said last week that if his team plays their usual game of passing, rebounding, and hits their shots, they should have a chance beating No Limit. Tarell Vargas will attempt to be the leading scorer for his No Limit team yet again in week 6.

Players To Watch: Tarell Vargas (No Limit), Will Hudson (Run TMC)

  • Tarell Vargas: 20.8 PPG and 7.8 RPG this season
  • Will Hudson: 23.3 PPG and 8.0 RPG this season

Potential Breakout Players: John Rullan (No Limit), Kevin Blake (Run TMC)

  • John Rullan: 18.3 PPG and 47.2 FG% this season
  • Kevin Blake: 11.5 PPG and 78.3 FG% this season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: No Limit

Ryan: No Limit

Ben: No Limit

Ellis: No Limit


TUESDAY 10PM: LOB 203 (0-4) VS MONSTARS (4-1)

Lob 203 has yet to get in the win column, and has yet another tough game ahead of them. The Monstars are come into this week’s matchup after losing to No Limit in week 5, a very hyped game in which they came out flat in the first half. It is essential for Lob 203’s Andrew Martino to continue to hit his shots to keep his team in the game down the stretch.

Players To Watch: Andrew Martino (Lob 203), Reggie Stewart (Monstars)

  • Andrew Martino: 17.3 PPG and 4.8 RPG this season
  • Reggie Stewart: 17.6 PPG and 39.3 3P% this season

Potential Breakout Players: John Brolet (Lob 203), Corey Jacobs (Monstars)

  • John Brolet: 8.0 PPG and 46.9 FG% this season
  • Corey Jacobs: 10.8 PPG and 2 SPG this season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Monstars

Ryan: Monstars

Ben: Monstars

Ellis: Lob 203



Stranger Danger is in a must-win game as they match up against the Avengers this week after having dropped their past three games. The Avengers have been absolutely blown out of the water in each of their four losses this season. If Steven Echols and the rest of Stranger Danger play the game they are capable of playing, and defend the three-point line, they should be able to hand the Avengers their fifth loss.

Players To Watch: Steven Echols (Stranger Danger), Zach Shapiro (Avengers)

  • Steven Echols: 19.2 PPG and 49.4 FG% this season
  • Zach Shapiro: 17.8 PPG and 52.6 FG% this season

Potential Breakout Players: Joe Cordy (Stranger Danger), Rob Ceballos (Avengers)

  • Joe Cordy: 10.0 PPG and 5.6 RPG this season
  • Rob Ceballos: 12.8 PPG and 52.5 FG% this season

Legacy League Predictions:

Matt: Stranger Danger

Ryan: Stranger Danger

Ben: Stranger Danger

Ellis: Stranger Danger