Legacy Leagues Week 7 Power Rankings

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No Limit has established themselves once again as the best team in the league, but this week was a much tougher test than expected against the Avengers. Without star Tarell Vargas, No Limit played down to their competition and put up minimal effort, but still won. Ronte Byrd had his best performance of the year, while John Rullan patrolled the paint in Vargas’ absence with seven blocks. They will look to continue their success next week against Light It Up.


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 Another week, another test for the Monstars, who came through yet again. Taking on Carmine Santorelli and the Temptations, the Monstars played a cerebral and emotional game to earn the win. They face-guarded Santorelli with Reggie Stewart and Corey Jacobs, limiting his effectiveness all game, while Brandon Seabrook broke out with 28 points. They will look to take are of business next week against the Rookies.


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After their first real test of the year, the Cereal Killers passed (barely). Playing one of the easiest schedules in the league, the Cereal Killers finally played a competitive game against The Firm.  After a close first half, the second half belonged the Mike Davis as the Cereal Killers pulled away late for the win. They will look to continue their unbeaten status next week against a White Magic team also on a win streak.


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green arrow up 1 Red-emption did not play down to their competition whatsoever this week with a dominant win over Light It Up, despite still missing Scott Corchard. Christian Terrell and MVP candidate Jalen Graham carried the load with a combined 73 points and 24 rebounds. Red-emption has a good test against Goon Squad in week 8.


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red down 1 on gray Despite their second consecutive loss, the Temptations still check in in the top five. They faced two tough opponents: Goon Squad and the Monstars. Carmine Santorelli has cooled off a bit from his torrid start, but the Temptations rallied back from a big first half deficit against the Monstars despite still losing. Fred Milfort and Bryan Pratt have shown they can contribute, and they both know they will be needed next week when they square off against the Renegades.


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green arrow up 1  After a win in a highly anticipated match-up against Stranger Danger, Run TMC finds themselves back in the sixth spot. Will Hudson continues to quietly dominate opponents, recording 32 points and 16 rebounds in week 7, as Run TMC’s fast-pace style took its toll on Stranger Danger. TMC will need to keep the “run” in their name in week 8 against a Lob 203 team who knocked off Goon Squad last week for their first win on the season.


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red down 1 on gray  After seeming like they had rebounded from their slow start with two straight wins, Goon Squad came back down to earth Week 7 against tough-luck Lob 203. Matt Marconi was held in check, while only one other player scored in double figures (Brandon Massaro). Their previous showings have proved what type of team they are more times than not, and they will need to bring their A game in week 8 when they take on a rolling Red-emption team just as loaded as they are.


The Firm log


Following a tough loss to the Cereal Killers, The Firm check in as the last team in the top half of the Week 7 Power Rankings. The Firm hung around all game, as Markey DeRuissaux and Chris Martinez combined for 39 of the team’s 62 points. The Firm battled back, but was unable to keep the game within reach in the fourth, and they will look to finish their next game better against the Avengers.


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FINALLY! Lob 203 at long last broke through with a victory when they faced off against yet another upper-level team in the league. Defeating Goon Squad for their first win was no simple task though, as it took a red-hot second half, led by the shooting of Paul Mirmina and team pressure defense. Lob 203 will need to bring the defense, and probably more offense, next week against Run TMC if they want to grab win no. 2.


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green arrow up 1 The Ty Reed show was back in town this week, to the tune of 27 points and 14 rebounds, in a close victory over The Rookies. The Renegades showed that they are also more than just the supreme athletic talent of Reed, as Davin Sirpenski continued his dominance on the defensive interior, stifling Rookies’ stars Jhamal Jones and Jaylon Smalls all night. The Renegades know they will need to continue to control the paint against Carmine Santorelli and the Temptations next week.


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red down 1 on gray In probably the biggest upset of the week, Sportslook fell to White Magic. Once again, a lack of continuity and ball-handling led to their demise. Not having star Tyrell Holmes and point guard Nick Bacarella showed to be huge missing pieces down the stretch. Sportslook will need to figure out a consistent offensive style and keep up their defensive intensity to win next week against Stranger Danger.


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In the league’s newest rivalry match-up, Stranger Danger fell to Run TMC. The game was very close in the first half, as Stranger Danger’s Joe Cordy and Will McAdoo were hot from beyond the arc. When the defensive and offensive tempo turned up in the second half, Stranger Danger fell behind and now find themselves under .500. They will look to play a complete game next week against a Sportslook team that is surprisingly close to them in the standings.



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After suffering their second-consecutive loss, The Rookies find themselves in the bottom quarter of the Week 7 Power Rankings. Their “Big Three” of Eric Singleton, Jhamal Jones, and Jaylon Smalls combined for 57 of their team’s 65 points in their loss to the Renegades. The Rookies will definitely need other offensive options to step up in order to stay in the game against the Monstars in week 8.



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green arrow up 1 Despite finding themselves at the bottom of the Power Rankings three weeks ago, White Magic has begun to figure things out, putting together two straight wins. The backcourt duo of Steve Buzek and Justin Silva has started consistently hitting outside shots and distributing the ball on the offensive end, while their teammate’s size and strength is finally paying dividends on the defensive end. White Magic will need their interior defenders to be ready to battle when they take on the unbeaten Cereal Killers in week 8.



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red down 1 on gray Zach Shapiro was back last week launching threes (6-13 from deep), and along with Derrick Davis took a Tarell Vargas-less No Limit team down to the wire. Eventually No Limit pulled away, but the Avengers showed the shooting of Shapiro, Davis, and Kevin Connors can keep them in games against most teams. The Avengers’ sharpshooters will definitely need to be on point to outduel the length of the Firm in week 8.


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After having only three players score the previous week, Light It Up played more of a team game in week 8. Everyone scored, but it still wasn’t enough to prevent a Red-emption route. Despite the lopsided loss, Light It Up put up over 70 points without their star player Chris Rosario. Light It Up will need Rosario back, plus the hot shooting to continue from everyone else next week to stay in the game against No Limit.