By Jared Cinotti

The Low Post PodcastJosh Turano and Tyler Krusz preview all of the Quarterfinal Playoff matchups and make their picks for each game.


Legacy Leagues Winter 2018 Playoffs: Quarterfinals (Wednesday April 11 at 8:30pm)
#3 Prestige Worldwide (6-2) vs #6 Halfway Crooks (3-5)
First Matchup: Prestige Worldwide defeated Halfway Crooks, 89-72, in Week 1
Current Streak: Prestige Worldwide (L1), Halfway Crooks (W2)
Highest Power Ranking: Prestige Worldwide-1, Halfway Crooks-6

Prestige Worldwide not having Bryan Yarce in their final game of the season exposed some of their weaknesses as they fell to Boom-Shakalaka despite keeping it close throughout and only losing by a small margin. With Yarce now back in the lineup they will have much better chemistry as a team since they are all used to having him on the floor for a good amount of the game. On the other side, Halfway Crooks are coming in on a two-game win streak as they were able to take care of their last two opponents and finally hit their groove right as the season came to a close. Overall though, Prestige Worldwide are the more efficient team on offense and with a healthy Yarce it should be no difficulty at all to be able to beat Halfway Crooks. Halfway Crooks definitely have the squad to give Prestige Worldwide a scare in the First Round, but look for Prestige Worldwide to come out on top and advance to the next round.

Players to Watch: Bryan Yarce (Prestige Worldwide), Jared Hanson (Halfway Crooks)

  • Yarce: Arguably the best offensive player in the league he can control a game right from the jump and have them in a great position to win any game. He averages 28 points per game along with just about six assists per game so look for him to run all over the defense of the Halfway Crooks.
  • Hanson: Hanson puts up 14 points per game and has shown that he is not afraid to attack the whole and get to the line as he is their best free throw shooter, shooting just about 87 percent. If Hanson is not slowed down it could be a long night for Prestige Worldwide.

Potential Breakout Players: Roger Yarce (Prestige Worldwide), Tom Ferranti (Halfway Crooks)

  • Yarce: Down the stretch he has proven reliable with his shooting from the field as he finishes averaging 12 points per game. If he is able to get open looks from the field with dishes from his brother who is running the offense, it should be smooth sailing for them in this game.
  • Ferranti: Tom Ferranti is their big man and with him averaging 10 points a game with five rebounds per game, he will have to step it up if they want any chance at an upset in the First Round.

Legacy League Picks:

Jared: Prestige Worldwide
Greg: Prestige Worldwide
Tyler: Prestige Worldwide


Legacy Leagues Winter 2018 Playoffs: Quarterfinals (Wednesday, April 11 at 9:30pm)
#2 Boom-Shakalaka (6-2) vs #7 Wild Hogs (2-6)
First Matchup: Boom-Shakalaka defeated Wild Hogs, 82-48, in Week 1
Current Streak: Boom-Shakalaka (W1), Wild Hogs (L1)
Highest Power Ranking: Boom-Shakalaka-1, Wild Hogs-6

Boom-Shakalaka will be coming off of a huge victory against Prestige Worldwide as they won in a nail biter 63-61, while the Wild Hogs will be trying to bounce back from a tough loss to Halfway Crooks. Since their first week matchup in the regular season, Boom-Shakalaka has only gotten better as they have added player Nate Stichell who has ca]ome through big time for them down the stretch. Wild Hogs have also added their fair share of talent since they first faced each other like big man Joey Coro, but it still may not be enough to get over the giant hump that Boom-Shakalaka is. This should not be a difficult game for Boom-Shakalaka as all-around they are definitely the more talented squad and should be able to control the game with ease. Look for Boom-Shakalaka to get by this First Round matchup no problem as they will play the winner of the matchup between Halfway Crooks and Prestige Worldwide.

Players to Watch: Brandon Sweeney (Boom-Shakalaka), Joey Coro (Wild Hogs)

  • Sweeney: This week it will be the battle of the big men as he will be matched up with Coro down low and should be able to get his if he plays how he has all season. Averaging a double-double with 19 points a game and 10 rebounds per game. With the combination of Sweeney and Stichell they should have no struggles with Wild Hogs.
  • Coro: He will be faced with his toughest matchup of the season as he has to play Sweeney down low all night who is equally as talented. He averages just about 17 points per game with around 10 rebounds a game, and he has proven he can play against anyone in this league.

Potential Breakout Players: Matt Camara (Boom-Shakalaka), Brian Doyle (Wild Hogs)

  • Camara: He averages 12 points per game and has proven to be their deep threat from beyond the arc. He has been struggling a little bit as of late from three, but if he is able to get into rhythm while Sweeney and Stichell do their thing they should be able to mow by the Wild Hogs.
  • Doyle: Averaging 9.5 points per game in only four games this season, he has proven to be confident in his game and is not afraid to take the big shots when needed. Look for Doyle to have a breakout game if he is not tightly guarded throughout.

Legacy League Picks:

Jared: Boom-Shakalaka
Greg: Boom-Shakalaka
Tyler: Boom-Shakalaka


Legacy Leagues Winter 2018 Playoffs: Quarterfinals (Wednesday, April 11 at 9:30pm)
#1 Green Squad (7-1) vs #8 Average Joes (0-8)
First Matchup: Green Squad defeated Average Joes, 91-51, in Week 7
Current Streak: Green Squad (W6), Average Joes (L8)
Highest Power Ranking: Green Squad-1, Average Joes-8

These two teams met in the last week of the regular season and it was not much of a tight game at all as Green Squad had complete control over Average Joes. Green Squad has the most efficient offense in the league coming into the playoffs while the Joes are second to last. From top to bottom Green Squad is an all-around better team, and have proven over the course of the season they are the team no one wants to play in the playoffs. The Average Joes going winless this season is the not the momentum they want heading into this game, but will have to deal with that and handle Green Squad as best as they can. Green Squad should have no trouble moving on to the next round to play the winner of the matchup between Werewolves and Swish Kabobs as they are just overall the better team in this first game of the night.

Players to Watch: Cody Crawford (Green Squad), Matt Scavitti (Average Joes)

  • Crawford: Finishing as the league’s leading scorer, he averages an astounding 30.8 points per game along with just about six rebounds per game. He is absolutely unconscious from behind the arc and if Average Joes do not guard him better than they did in their last matchup, he will have another field day scoring 50-plus points.
  • Scavitti: Being the leading scorer for his team with 20.7 points per game along with eight boards of the glass per game, the offense will have to be ran through him if the Average Joes want any chance at pulling off the upset against Green Squad.

Potential Breakout Players: Greg Holt (Green Squad), Steve Pirri (Average Joes)

  • Holt: Coming into this matchup Holt has been averaging 10 points per game while also grabbing just about seven rebounds a game and four assists per game. He has shown he can facilitate the offense behind Crawford and is relentless at driving to the rack. Look for Holt to have a big performance as he will be facing a struggling Average Joes defense.
  • Pirri: Being that he is the only other player on the team that nearly averages double-digit scoring, their offense will have to revolve around him and Scavitti if they want to have any chemistry against a streaking Green Squad.

Legacy League Predictions:

Jared: Green Squad
Greg: Green Squad
Tyler: Green Squad


Legacy Leagues Winter 2018 Playoffs: Quarterfinals (Wednesday April 11 at 10:30pm)
#4 Swish Kabobs (5-3) vs #5 Werewolves (3-5)
First Matchup: Swish Kabobs defeated Werewolves, 70-68, in Week 7
Current Streak: Swish Kabobs (W1), Werewolves (L4)
Highest Power Ranking: Swish Kabobs-1, Werewolves-5

In their first matchup against each other in the last game of the regular season, it was nothing short of a great game. It came right down to the wire as Swish Kabobs won on a last second shot by Tyler Barbosa to put them up by two and give them the victory. Swish Kabobs the the third-most efficient offense in the league and they will need to bring their A-Game as the Werewolves will not be an easy First Round matchup. The Werewolves have been struggling as of late as they are coming in losing their last four games of the season, after starting 3-1 in the first half of the season. They will have to get it together and play well rounded as a unit if they want any chance at winning this game against Swish Kabobs.

Players to Watch: Tyler Barbosa (Swish Kabobs), Brian Heston (Werewolves)

  • Barbosa: Coming off his best game of the season, finishing with 28 points and the game winning shot, he will be looking to have another great performance. He is their leading scorer for the season and is knock down from deep. Look for him to run the show for Swish Kabobs in the First Round.
  • Heston: Having a double-double average for the season he is hands down their leader on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Without a great effort from Heston they will not have a chance to win this game.

Potential Breakout Players: Kyle Valenzuela (Swish Kabobs), Brad Allen (Werewolves)

  • Valenzuela: Every game he is on the floor they are a better unit overall. He is so crafty at getting to the rim it is very hard to stop him. Averaging just about 11 points per game he is due for a big game and look for that to be this week.
  • Allen: He is their center and this game will come down to how he performs and controls the paint. If he is able to play as strong as he has in recent weeks he should be able to dominate the inside all game.

Legacy League Picks:

Jared: Swish Kabobs
Greg: Swish Kabobs
Tyler: Swish Kabobs