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Boom-Shakalaka took on the Wild Hogs in first game of Winter season, looking to be in dominant form with harassing defense and control of the boards. Boom-Shakalaka’s offense had consistent scoring with Ryan Rawnsley and Marc Belleville leading the way with 15 points and seven rebounds each. They will try to go for back-to-back wins next week when they face off against the Wild Hogs.


PRESTIGE worldwide


Prestige Worldwide starts off strong as Bryan Yarce and company won in a resounding victory over the Halfway Crooks. Yarce scored 33 points, and came two assists shy of a triple-double in his Legacy Leagues debut. His teammate, Zachary Fraiellie, did record a triple-double with 10 points, 10 blocks and 10 assists. They’ll look to continue this hot streak against the Average Joe’s in Week 2.


Green squad


The Green Squad had a great start to their season, securing a victory over the Werewolves in comfortable fashion. Cody Crawford and Victor Kashouh combined for 49 points in the win, and showed how valuable experience can be in this league. The Green Squad will try to keep this early win streak alive next week against the Swish Kabobs, another 1-0 team in the early stages of the season.  




Tyler Barbosa and Kyle Vieria led the way for the Swish Kabobs in Week 1, as they impressed everyone with a landslide victory over the Average Joe’s in this team’s league debut. With a combination of rebounding, great passing and harassing defense, it was only a matter of time before they had complete control of the game. They’ll prepare to play Green Squad in Week 2 as they try to maintain their hot start.




In the Werewolves first game of the season, they had a slow start and could never really get back into the game, losing to the Green Squad, 72-56. Gino Forte and Brian Heston scored 38 of their team’s 56 points, also combining for 12 rebounds and four assists. The Werewolves will be playing a familiar rival in the Halfway Crooks in Week 2, and will need other players to help score the basketball to compete.


Halfway crooks


The Halfway Crooks started off cold in the first half against Prestige Worldwide, failing to score any of the games first 12 points. They made a bit of a comeback in the second half, but the late surge was not enough. Justin Kolenda (19 points) and Tom Ferranti (18 points) were bright spots in Week 1. The Halfway Crooks will try to take their second-half momentum into next week when they play the also-winless Werewolves.




The Wild Hogs had a tough first outing against the returning favorites, Boom-Shakalaka, falling 82-48. They were dominated on the boards by Boom-Shakalaka, who are expected to be one of the better teams in this league. Only playing with five players, the Hogs relied offensively on Marc Betancourt’s 21 points. The Hogs play Prestige Worldwide in Week 2 and will look to avoid an 0-2 to start the season.


average joe’s


The  Average Joe’s got punched in the mouth from the opening tip by the Swish Kabobs, who stormed to an early lead and never looked back. The Average Joe’s allowed the Swish Kabobs to steal the ball 19 times, usually leading to easy transition baskets. The Average Joe’s get a chance next week to come back from a tough first loss when they play Boom-Shakalaka.