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Boom-Shakalaka continued their winning ways by beating the Average Joes by 11 this week, the largest margin of victory in all of the Week 2 games. Fall 17 All-Stars Matt Camara and Lucas Martin led the way, combining for 49 of the team’s 71 points in the absence of Ryan Rawnsley and Brandon Sweeney. Camara and Martin managed five threes each in the game. Boom-Shakalaka continues to take care of the ball, leading the league in assist/TO ratio. They look like the most put-together team so far, and will look to continue that next week against the winless Halfway Crooks.



Prestige Worldwide showed a resilient effort both defensively and offensively against what appeared to be a brand new Wild Hogs team. Prestige Worldwide was able to finish off the job, 55-50, and Bryan Yarce followed up his 33-point Week 1 effort with 28 points as his team stays undefeated. Shaine Patrick showed that he is a huge force on defense with four blocks, three of them coming late in the fourth when the game was close. Prestige’s ability to close out games, sink free throws, and play suffocating interior defense has been impressive during both weeks so far this season.



Tyler Barbosa continued his scoring rampage, pouring in 14 in their victory against the Green Squad this week. With the win, the Swish Kabobs remain one of the three undefeated teams in the league. Tezhan Massey led the way this week with 17 points, showing the versatility of this team. They have five different players averaging double digit points per game, and have scored the most points this season as a team. So far, the Swish Kabobs look like one of the deepest teams in the league, with several guys who can fill up a stat sheet on any given night.



The Green Squad took a loss to the Swish Kabobs this week, but losing isn’t going to be a common theme for these guys. After they settled in, the Green Squad was able to cut down a 20-point Swish Kabob lead to just six in a short span of time. This team truly is never out of a game with the talent and determination they have. The combination of Victor Kashouh Jr. and Cody Crawford contributing on both offense and defense makes the Green Squad a tough team to beat throughout the rest of the season.



The Werewolves earned their first victory of the season in an overtime battle against the Halfway Crooks. Brian Heston and Gino Forte proved that when they are both feeling it, the Werewolves are going to be a tough out. Forte is averaging 22.0 points per game behind Heston’s 23.5. The Werewolves got just enough help from other players on the team to come away victorious in Week 2, and will need players to continue to step up if they want to take care of a pesky Average Joes squad in Week 3.



The Wild Hogs lost a heartbreaker to Prestige Worldwide by just five points this week to remain in search of their first win on the season. The Week 2 version of the Wild Hogs looked very different from the Week 1 team. Mike Bandieri and Joey Coro made their debuts in Week 2, and were factors on both ends of the floor. Bandieri scored 21 points next to Coro’s 16. Coro lit up the highlight reel as well as the stat sheet, and he proved to be an offensive force inside the paint. If the two continue to score the ball, the Wild Hogs could become an intriguing team to watch in future weeks.



The Halfway Crooks ended up on the wrong side of an overtime thriller Wednesday when they played the Werewolves in a matchup of two 0-1 teams. Joey Zocco rebounded off of a shaky offensive game in Week 1, and Jared Hanson poured in a team-high 31 points for the Halfway Crooks. The Halfway Crooks showed excellent resiliency, coming back from a 21-3 deficit to start the game. Despite only trailing by two at halftime, they didn’t do enough in the second half to secure the win. After this week, both Zocco and Hanson proved to be shooters that could take over games this season.




The Average Joe’s remain winless having played two of the teams atop the Power Rankings (Swish Kabobs and Boom-Shakalaka). The Average Joe’s definitely showed improvement in Week 2, but still need to work on taking care of the ball and getting to the free throw line more often. You can’t get a good read of what this team is yet, as they have four players averaging double-digit points per game. The offense is there individually for the Average Joe’s, and once they tighten up the defense a little bit they could be a tough team to beat.