By Joe Saggese

The Weekly Rebound Podcast (CT): Greg Horne and Connor Sauer break down the last week of Legacy Leagues action, and then talks to the Flint Tropics’ Ryan Caggiano in an interview you have to hear.


Stranger Danger pulled off a one-point win last week against Shooters Shoot, while No Limit more than doubled up Semi Pro in points in Week 4. No Limit is due for a loss, but their team is too stacked with talent for Stranger Danger to take them down.

Players to Watch: Matt Zocco (Stranger Danger), Eric Singleton (No Limit)

  • Zocco: Coming off the game-winning bucket in Week 4, Zocco has been consistent all season averaging 16 PPG and 7.5 RBG.
  • Singleton: The team’s leading scorer has had monster nights every week, and I expect nothing less against Stranger Danger. Singleton averages an impressive 25.8 PPG with a 68.3 field goal percentage.

Potential Breakout Players: Joey Zocco (Stranger Danger), Tarell Vargas (No Limit)

  • Zocco: Zocco has been hot all season from the 3-point line at 34.9 percent. If Zocco can stay hot all game and continue to knock down shots, expect the Stranger Danger offense to flow more smoothly.
  • Vargas: Coming off of a triple-double in Week 4, Vargas has the potential to continue his great play as his confidence is through the roof.

Legacy Leagues Picks: 

Joe: No Limit

Mike: No Limit

Kendall: No Limit

Taylor: No Limit

Stuckey: No Limit



The Monstars are coming off of three straight wins, including a crucial 77-71 victory over the Rim Breakers in Week 4. Shooters Shoot are still searching for their first win of the season, but I don’t expect it to come this week as they lack too much talent and athleticism for a hot Monstars squad.

Players to Watch: Kintwon Miles (Monstars), Luke Riccio (Shooters Shoot)

  • Miles: The Monstars leading scorer continues to roll averaging 23.3 PPG on an impressive 71.7 percent shooting. If Miles can can continue his play, look for the Monstars to continue their hot streak.
  • Riccio: With 19.3 PPG, Riccio is the leading scorer on a winless team. Riccio will need to continue his impressive performances in order to lead his team to their first win.

Potential Breakout Players: Corey Jacobs (Monstars), Steven Parravano (Shooters Shoot)

  • Jacobs: Averaging 10 assists per game and close to five rebounds per game, expect Jacobs to continue his key production off the bench.
  • Pavarrono: A beast on the board in the past weeks, especially on the offensive end, he’s gained extra possessions for Shooters Shoot. Expect another big night in the paint for Pavarrono.

Legacy Leagues Picks:

Joe: Monstars

Mike: Monstars

Kendall: Monstars

Taylor: Monstars

Stuckey: Shooters Shoot



The Flint Tropics are rolling and feeling good after three straight wins. Their only loss came in Week 1 in a tight matchup against the very skillful Rim Breakers, 67-66. Goon Squad has been having trouble pulling together some wins and closing out games, besides their less impressive win against a not-so-talented BS&B team. Expect The Flint Tropics to continue their streak and come out with a victory.

Players to Watch: Mike Bozzuto (Flint Tropics), Matt Marconi (Goon Squad)

  • Bozzuto: For a rolling Flint Tropics squad, Bozzuto has lead the way with 20.5 PPG. Expect nothing less in their Week 5 matchup against Goon Squad.
  • Marconi: Leading the team in assists, points and rebounds per game, Marconi is unstoppable for the struggling Goon Squad.

Potential Breakout Players: Nick Japs (Flint Tropics), Dom Migliaro (Goon Squad)

  • Japs: The team’s second-leading scorer averages 19.3 PPG and gets to the line more than any player on the team. If Japs can continue to draw fouls and knock down free throws, expect a breakout game from Japs down low.
  • Migliaro: With 4.3 assists per game, Migliaro is crucial to creating offense. If he can continue to draw doubles and set up his teammates, look for Goon Squads point production to increase.

Legacy Leagues Picks:

Joe: Flint Tropics

Mike: Flint Tropics

Kendall: Flint Tropics

Taylor: Flint Tropics

Stuckey: Goon Squad



The Rim Breakers are coming off of their only loss against the Monstars in our Week 4 game of the week. The Temptations are without Carmine Santorelli, due to injury, but with him in the lineup they were able to knock off the Monstars in Week 1. I expect this game to be a close one, with the Rim Breakers making a bounce back in Week 5 to get the win against a high-potential Temptations squad.

Players to Watch: Richard Bronson (Rim Breakers), Melquan Horton (Temptations)

  • Bronson: With only three games played, Bronson is the the team’s leading scorer with 18 PPG and has been perfect from the line. Another big game is expected from Bronson.
  • Horton: With 23.3 PPG and 12.3 RBG, Horton is on fire in these last few weeks. In a big a matchup this week, Horton is expected to continue his impressive performances to hopefully put the Temptations back on track.

Potential Breakout Players: John Pittman (Rim Breakers), Troy Brunson (Temptations)

  • Pittman: If the team’s leader in rebounds with 30 and second-leading scorer with 12.3 PPG can continue to dominate in the paint, I expect a standout week for Pittman.
  • Bronson: Troy is a force in the paint that can continue his production along with his high shooting percentage, 65.2 percent.

Legacy Leagues Picks: 

Joe: Rim Breakers

Mike: Rim Breakers

Kendall: Rim Breakers

Taylor: Rim Breakers

Stuckey: Temptations



Despite the loss of Joe Baccielo and three losses early in the season, The Throne is an underrated squad filled capable players. BS&B are winless and have yet to keep a game close in the first four weeks. I expect The Throne to gain some confidence after a win this week.

Players to Watch: Jason Hernandez (The Throne), Cody Dileonardo (BS&B)

  • Hernandez: Their newly-added point guard is averaging 20 points per games on 35 percent from three. Expect his point production to increase with each game under his belt.
  • Dileonardo: As the team’s only consistent threat with 16.5 PPG and 6.8 RBG, expect Cody to increase his averages in all categories as BS&B are desperate for a victory.

Potential Breakout Players: Stenson Jean-Baptiste (The Throne), Robo Peryer (BS&B)

  • Jean-Baptiste: Stenson is constantly hustling, averaging 5.3 offensive rebounds per game. Expect his hard, gritty play to pay off even more in Week 5.
  • Preyer: Robo is electric from downtown and if he can get hot in Week 5, expect a big night scoring from Preyer.

Legacy Leagues Picks:

Joe: The Throne

Mike: The Throne

Kendall:The Throne

Taylor: The Throne

Stuckey: The Throne



The Chasers only loss this season was in Week 3 to the high-flying Blue Devils. Semi Pro is looking like they could go the whole season without a win under their belt, therefore the Chasers should have no problem improving to 4-1 in Week 5.

Players to Watch: Diontay Washington (The Chasers), Jesse Doucette (Semi Pro)

  • Washington: With two steals per game and 24.7 PPG, Diontay is a force to reckon with offensively and defensively.
  • Doucette: Semi Pro’s leading scorer with nine points per game and three assists per game will look to build on his season to lead his team to their first win.

Potential Breakout Players: Larry Little (The Chasers), Mike McClean (Semi Pro)

  • Little: A consistent player in all categories should help The Chasers off the bench if he is able to limit his turnovers per game.
  • McClean: The team’s big man averages 4.3 rebounds per game. Look for a productive night down low for McClean as they need an answer for their winless season.

Legacy Leagues Picks:

Joe: The Chasers

Mike: The Chasers

Kendall: The Chasers

Taylor: The Chasers

Stuckey: The Chasers



Team Moose and the Blue Devils are both 3-1 and looking like serious playoff contenders. Both teams are coming off crucial victories in Week 4. I expect this matchup to be a close one, with the Blue Devils squeaking out a hard-fought win due to their up-tempo style of play.

Players to Watch: Mike Davis (Blue Devils), Kevin Blake (Team Moose)

  • Davis: One of the best players in the league averages 25.8 PPG and five APG, and will continue his dominance in Week 5.
  • Blake: Averaging 18.3 PPG along with a terrific 73 percent from the line, Blake is prime for another big week.

Potential Breakout Players: Davon Pratt (Blue Devils), Brad Seaman (Team Moose)

  • Pratt: Coming off a big week with 18 points, Pratt is a great player on the boards averaging 7 RPG. Look for Pratt to continue his play in weeks to come.
  • Seaman: With 2.3 APG and a 73.7 FG percentage, Seamen has the potential to get hot and make his teammates around him more productive.

Legacy Leagues Picks:

Joe: Blue Devils

Mike: Blue Devils

Kendall: Blue Devils

Taylor: Blue Devils

Stuckey: Team Moose