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No Limit remains undefeated and is beginning to look unbeatable. They went up against a talented Monstars squad in Week 6, but still managed to come out with a 20-point victory.  With Tarell Vargas, Eric Singleton and Shaquan Jackson leading the way, it makes you wonder if any team in the league is good enough to end their streak. This is looking like the most balanced and deep team in this league.



The Chasers are rolling winning their last four contests in a row. With the production and chemistry of the Washington brothers, their offense has been looking prolific. Next week will be a great test for them as they take on the Flint Tropics. Assuming the Chasers can stay healthy and keep the Washington brothers on the court, this is a team that has championship potential.



The Monstars have proven themselves in this league with talented players such as Kintwon Miles and Reggie Stewart. Unfortunately they could not take down the high flying No Limit squad in Week 6, but in Week 7 they will take on the Blue Devils. This would be a huge win for the Monstars, if they can beat the number two ranked squad. The injection of Mike Cody into the lineup was a welcomed sight for the Monstars who could use his crafty, offensive-minded game.



 In Week 6, The Blue Devils won a hard fought battle versus the Temptations. With one of the best players in the league in Mike Davis and their only loss coming to No Limit, they are more than deserving of a top five ranking. This is a scarily athletic team with the potential to run less conditioned teams into the ground.



The Flint Tropics are out to avenge their only loss, which came in Week 1 to the Rim Breakers by 1 point. They have now won 5 games in a row and are showing teams around the league that they are here to play, as they beat Stranger Danger by 100 points in Week 6. Flint shot a sky high field goal percentage last week and can beat any team on any given night given the talent at their disposal.



Team Moose is a squad that looks to play together and pulls off impressive team wins. Known for their defensive presence, this is a team that frustrates their opponent. Their only losses on the season were to The Blue Devils and The Flint Tropics.  Team Moose was able to contain a hot Throne team and really bottled up their offense. Look for Team Moose in Week 7 to put on a show versus the top dogs in No Limit.



 The Temptations were on a dry spell without their top scorer in Carmine Santorelli. It is apparent how significant his play can be as they went on to beat the Rim Breakers in Week 5 and just barely lost to the Blue Devils in Week 6. This is a team with the potential to win any game with their talent. Despite an up and down season this is a scary team come playoff time.




The Rim Breakers are showing they can’t play with the top teams in the league. Their only impressive win was a controversial one that came in Week 1 against the Flint Tropics. They have lost their last three contests to playoff caliber teams and are looking like a squad that is quick to fall over. Despite being an above average team, they are showing weakness against the upper echelon of the league.



The Throne has shown they can play with teams around the league as they have played close games with The Flint Tropics, The Chasers and The Monstars.  If they can figure out a gameplan to start pulling off some of these wins and close out games down the stretch, than it looks like The Throne could make a run in the postseason. Until then, it could be another underwhelming finish for the Throne.



Goon squad has been having a down year to say the least. Their only two wins on the season are against Blood, Sweat and Beers  and Semi Pro. Together these two teams combine for one win. There is not shortage of talent on this team but inconsistency and a short bench have plagued them. They have a favorable matchup next week with Stranger Danger.



 Stranger Danger is coming off an embarrassing showing versus The Flint Tropics in Week 6, losing by 100 points. Short on roster players can be to blame for their struggles against top teams this season as well as the loss of top scorer Brendan Prutting. Stranger Danger has had trouble picking up his load offensively and doesn’t seem to have enough legs to hang with deeper teams.



Blood, Sweat and Beers have earned their only win on the season versus Shooters Shoot. What has been a disappointing season so far had a glimmer of hope last week. While Shooters Shoot had played the Monstars close and looked to be trending upwards, BS&B was able to slow their momentum. Semi Pro could be their next victory in Week 7, but I also expect it to be their last.



Shooters Shoot missed out on their shot to grab a victory this season as they lost by 4 to BS&B. It does not look like the Shooters can shoot at all this year. Sloppy offense and a lack of physicality really hinder this team’s ability against upper level teams. With only three games left Shooters Shoot’s window for a win is closing.



Semi Pro have still yet to grab a victory this season but have one more realistic chance in Week 7 versus the one win Blood, Sweat and Beers team. Jacob Caselli and Jesse Doucette have provided sparks for this team but they’ve been unable to put it all together just yet. With BS&B and Stranger Danger still on the schedule their is potential for a win for Semi Pro this season.