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No Limit remains undefeated after a well-fought game against Team Moose. No Limit was prepared for Team Moose’s stifling defense as they hold most team to less than 70 points per game.  No Limit continues to push the ball fast in transition and was able to find enough scoring to get by. With players like Miller, Singleton, Vargas and Jackson, scoring can come from many places at any time. They roll this week to keep that no. 1 ranking.



The Chasers end the Flint Tropics five-game winning streak as they go on to improve 6-1. In a week where the Flint Tropics were favored, The Chasers played lights out behind Diontay Washington who led the team with 30 points.  Two crucial technical fouls gave The Chasers free throws leading to a late lead. This team will be hard to beat when both Jerry and Diontay Washington are on the floor.



In a crazy overtime game, the Blue Devils pull off a win in ridiculous fashion.  Mike Davis was clutch hitting a buzzer-beater to force OT. He looks like a front-runner for MVP, scoring 44 points as they beat th defending champion Monstars by three.  The Blue Devils are a serious playoff contender as long as Davis continues his impressive performances.



The Monstars lost a nail-biter in overtime to the Blue Devils in Week 7. Kintown Miles and Reggie Stewart continue to lead for the Monstars squad.  The Monstars have two tough games ahead in Team Moose and The Chasers. If they can figure out how to close out these games, they can get ride some momentum going into the playoffs.



After an upsetting Week 7 loss, the Flint Tropics have two hard games ahead with No Limit and the Temptations. There is no doubt that the Flint Tropics will be in the game for these next two weeks. It will be key for Flint to win at least one of these next two to secure favorable playoff seeding. As long as Mike Bozzuto is playing his game, they should grab a win.



The Temptations dominated The Throne winning by 30 points last week. They have proven with the return of Carmine Santorelli just how deadly they can be. Along with Melquan Horton, Troy Brunson and Nick Santorelli, the Temptations have skill all over the floor. Expect the Temptations to win this week versus Goon Squad. The real test comes Week 9 against The Flint Tropics.



Team Moose thrives on their fundamental play and strong defensive unit. They were able to hold No Limit to under 70 points in Week 7 despite the loss. The game was full of lead changes, but in the fourth quarter sloppy play by Team Moose caused No Limit to go on a run. Look for Team Moose to play a physical game versus the Monstars, and hopefully pull off the win. If this team can find a way to score 60+ points a game they will be scary come playoff time.




The Rim Breakers ran past Shooters Shoot beating them by 38. They are a fun team to watch that gets everyone on the court involved. Last week, six players scored in double-digits. With the Blue Devils and The Throne still left on the schedule, the Rim Breakers will be in a tight playoff push. This is one of the mid-level teams that has the potential for a deep run come playoffs.



With the absence of Matt Marconi, Goon Squad still pulled off the victory in overtime over Stranger Danger. Players like Dom Migliaro, DJ Ellis, Chris Folsom and Brandon Massaro stepped up big for the team. Goon Squad needs everyone to be on the court for next week’s tough game versus the Temptations if they want to win. With a favorable matchup with Shooters Shoot team in week 9, two wins to end the regular season would be ideal.



The Throne has lost their rhythm after another loss this week and this time by 30-points against The Temptations.  Led by Jason Hernandez, The Throne will finish the year with two highly skilled teams in No Limit and Rim Breakers. At this point, The Throne will look to prove their year was a fluke as they look dethrone No limit and upset Rim Breakers.  Other than that, a playoff run looks out of sight for The Throne this season.



After a disheartening OT loss in Week 7 against Goon Squad, Stranger Danger’s hopes at finishing over .500 on the season were crushed. Next week, they will take on Mike Davis and the Blue Devils, who look pretty unstoppable right now. In Week 9, Joey and Matt Zocco should lead the team to end the season with a win against Semi Pro. I predict they end the season 3-6. A few close games here and there that got away could have gone a long way for Stranger Danger in terms of playoff seeding.



Blood, Sweat and Beers wins their second game of the year against Semi Pro. For BS&B, Robo Peryer went off scoring 25-points. It looks like those will be the only two wins on the year for this squad.  With The Chasers and Team Moose left on the schedule, it is highly unlikely for BS&B to grab another win.  With the addition of John Brolet this team has added a physical big-man who can help this team down the stretch.



Shooters Shoot has had a disappointing season to say the least. They have lost all 7 of their games despite being relatively competitive in all of them. Last week and throughout the whole season, Luke Riccio led the team in scoring. For Shooters Shoot, they will need to add more size and athleticism if they are going to want to compete with the top teams in the league. They will look to get their first win against another winless squad in Semi Pro next week in what is looking like a coin flip game.



Semi Pro is still winless in a season that hasn’t gone their way. Despite the losses, Semi Pro have seemed to step it up individually and play hard no matter what the score might be. With Jesse Doucette leading the way, Semi Pro will look to get their first and only win against Shooters Shoot next week and Stranger Danger in week 9. With a full team effort these are two winnable games that could send Semi Pro off on a high note.