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 No Limit holds onto their no. 1 ranking and undefeated record once again after a dramatic 4-point win over the Flint Tropics. They are the team to reckon with and look posed for a deep postseason run. They should finish the regular season without any losses as they take on a wavering team in The Throne. No Limit are the heavy favorite for this year’s championship.



 The Blue Devils put up a staggering 128 points against Stranger Danger in Week 8.  Davon Pratt showed that Mike Davis isn’t their only player who can score at ease. Pratt had 37 and Davis had 34. So far No Limit is their only loss way back from Week 1. Next week they will take on the Rim Breakers to close out the regular season.



 The Chasers won in Week 8 against Blood, Sweat and Beers. It seemed as if the Chasers played down to their skill level as the game was within a few possessions in the second half, and they only won by 15. For a team with both Jerry and Diontay Washington, productivity and scoring should be through the roof. Hopefully they can show their poise and confident play against the Monstars in Week 9 who will be without Kintwon Miles.



 The Flint Tropics are on a two game losing streak after their tough loss to No Limit this past week. Flint looked to be No Limit’s biggest challenge so far due to their team play. Flint moves the ball quickly and gets everyone involved. Nick Japs lit it up with 31 points in a breakout performance in what was a down week for teammate Mike Bozzuto. The Flint Tropics really need a win in a tough matchup versus the Temptations. A win in Week 9 will set the pace for their playoff desires.



The Temptations come off a gritty win versus Goon Squad in Week 8. Carmine Santorelli and Melquan Horton continue to lead this team to tough victories. When this team is able to click and play together they are scary. They are on a hot streak at the perfect time in the season and hope to continue their success against a physical and smart Flint Tropics squad next week.



 Once again, the strength in defense for Team Moose continues to shine. They hold the Monstars to 62 points in their confidence-boosting victory in Week 8. The Monstars are a high-powered offense, but with players like Kevin Blake and Brad Seamen, Team Moose can shock some teams in the playoffs.  They should add another win to close out the season versus Blood, Sweat and Beers.



 The Monstars lose another game and continue to slide downhill during the wrong time of the season. To make matters worse, early in last week’s game the Monstars’ leading scorer Kintown Miles went down with a wrist injury.  Hopefully Miles can recover quickly in order to keep the Monstars in the hunt to win it all. If not, it may be time to hit the panic button for the Monstars.




The Rim Breakers pulled off a much-needed win in their matchup versus The Throne. They have tremendous depth and great role players to help keep fresh legs on the court at all times. They force bad shots and capitalize on turnovers. Moving the ball quickly up the court helps them get the easy buckets they need to jumpstart their offense.  This is a dangerous team that could easily play a spoiler role against a contender in the postseason.



Goon Squad cannot seem to get anything going as they lose again in Week 8 to the Temptations. In the past, Matt Marconi has been their standout offensive threat, but this year that is not the case. The Goon Squad does not have one specific player who can lead this team week in and week out.  With so many talented players in this league, Goon Squad needs to figure out how to stop opposing offenses.



 In Week 8 of Legacy Leagues, The Throne were defeated by the Rim Breakers. Their prime performer Jason Hernandez was poor from the field as he went 2-of-11.  With Bacciello gone and Hernandez not playing up to his potential, The Throne need to look for another player who can increase their offensive game. The Throne has a nearly impossible matchup next week versus No Limit.



 Stranger Danger is coming off of another blowout loss, as they lose to the Blue Devils by more than 50.  It is clear that Stranger Danger need to improve their defensive side of the ball as teams are putting up points with ease on them. If they can limit the amount of second chances their opposing teams are earning, expect their games to be much closer. Next week they tip off against a winless Semi Pro squad which should be a much more winnable matchup for a Stranger Danger team who has faced No Limit, the Blue Devils and the Flint Tropics over the last four weeks.



 BS&B did not pull off the upset this week versus The Chasers. Even with the loss, they showed their skill in a game that was never out of hand for them. Robo Peryer and Cody Dileonardo each had 25+ points to lead their team. This group showed their heart and grit in a game that only ended in a 15-point margin. This team has a lot of heart and can be very exciting to watch when they are clicking on all cylinders. They’ll look to finish their season on a high note. 



 Shooters Shoot earned their first win of the season against Semi Pro in Week 8. Brandon Guittard took the reigns as he scored 25 points to lead Shooters Shoot.  This team simply does not have the talent to keep up with some of the teams in this league. As one of the smaller teams they are inefficient on rebounds and slack in gaining extra possessions.  Some new talent needs to be added to this squad if they will ever want to make a playoff push.



Semi Pro is the last team in this week’s power rankings due to their winless record. It looked like their Shooters Shoot matchup in Week 8 was their shot to get a win this season but they fell short. Unfortunately, they lost by 9 to Shooters Shoot but take on a streaky Stranger Danger team in the final week of the regular season. Look for Semi Pro to make a lot of key additions to their squad in the off-season.