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After another strong week from Boom-Shakalaka they remain at the top of the rankings.. Matt Camara led the way dropping 19 points while also hitting five shots from behind the arc in the process. Brandon Sweeney had another dominant outing as he put up 18 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. With stellar play from the front rotation guys, Boom-Shakalaka will look to keep this hot streak alive as they will be matched-up against another top team in the Green Squad.




Prestige Worldwide continue their winning ways as they take down the Werewolves. It was a close fight but they were able to pull away at the end. Bryan Yarce had another outstanding performance as he scored 31 points, making it tough for the Werewolves to ever have a chance in this game. Next week they will play the struggling Average Joes as they look to keep their win streak going into the playoffs.



Green Squad won yet again as they conquered the Halfway Crooks in comfortable fashion, 99-57. Cody Crawford arguably won this game for them as he dropped an astounding 54 points on 21 for 29 shooting from the field, while also sinking in 11 threes in what was a career night. Green Squad will try and take this momentum into next week as they are matched up with Boom-Shakalaka which should turn out to be one of the best regular season games of the year.



Swish Kabobs swallowed a tough loss to Boom-Shakalaka in Week 8 and have now lost back-to-back games. One bright spot for them this week was Kyle Valenzuala who put up 20 points and nailed eight free throws, getting to the line efficiently throughout. Swish Kabobs will try and ready the ship next week when they play against the Wild Hogs.



Werewolves were handed a tough loss in Week 8 against Prestige Worldwide 69-58. Brian Heston had another strong outing as he put up 21 points while also grabbing 10 rebounds off the glass. Heston will need to get some help from his supporting cast however if they want to close out the season strong. Next week they will be on the hunt for a win as they will be playing Halfway Crooks.



Wild Hogs finally picked up their first win of the season as they took down Average Joes. Joey Coro was the standout player once again for them as he scored 12 points and snatched 13 rebounds, controlling the paint the entire game. Wild Hogs will try and take their momentum into next week and play spoiler as they face a tough opponent in the Swish Kabobs.



After picking up a win last week, the Halfway Crooks lost this week to the Green Squad in a game that was all about Cody Crawford. The lone bright spot this week, Dylan Lincoln, was able to score 22 points and also grab seven rebounds to lead the team. They will look to turn it around next week as they are playing the Werewolves who will also be hungry for a win after losing a tough game.



It was another rough loss for Average Joes this past week as they fell to Wild Hogs 42-33. Matt Scavitti was the only one to get into double-digit scoring as he dropped 14 points and was also able to pick up eight rebounds along the way. Average Joes will want to get some type of chemistry going soon with the end of the season right around the corner. They will get another shot at their first win next week when they play Prestige Worldwide.