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The defending champs continue to be the class of the league, as they beat up on the Duje’s Boys behind Corey Crawford’s 27 points. While the 3-time champion is on pace to become the first player in Legacy Leagues RI history to net 1,000 points, teammate Victor Kashouh Jr. has shined in the spotlight leading the league in total points and assists this season. Lob City will look to remain undefeated against Boom-Shakalaka, a rematch the Summer 18 Finals.


After a sloppy first win over the Skyhookers, Boom-Shakalaka looked more composed on the court as they handled the Werewolves this past week. While the team is still adjusting to the loss of last season’s MVP, Nate Stichell, veterans Lucas Martin and Jeremy Dimicco have stepped up with back-to-back dominant performances. Book-Shakalaka will be put to the ultimate test next week as the team continues its rivalry against the defending champions, Lob City.


Don’t let the record fool you, the Werewolves have the ability to beat any team in the league with the talent and experience Brian Heston and Gino Forte bring. Legacy Leagues rookie Dave Campbell has been a great addition to this squad through the first two games as he is second in points and first in field goal percentage on the team. With three consistent scorers, the Werewolves will get their first look at a new Swish Kabobs team on Wednesday night.


After losing to Lob City in the Summer 18 Semifinals, the Halfway Crooks returned to the court looking bigger and better than ever with some new additions to their roster. With Brett Cody returning to the court for the first time since the Fall 17 season, there’s no telling what this team can accomplish. After a 40-point win over the Pizza Rolls, one might expect another blowout win next week when the Halfway Crooks will face the Duje’s Boys.


With only two returning players from last season, the Swish Kabobs looked a bit out of sync in their first game against the Boston Blazers. Once their chemistry clicks, this lineup can be a force in the league. Sharpshooter Tyler Barbosa and his squad will look to get their second win as they face an experienced Werewolves team next Wednesday night.


Coming off a big win over the Alaskan Bull Worms, the Skyhookers are finally back to their old form. While the team looked comfortable on the court, they may struggle against more competitive teams until they find someone to carry the team. The Skyhookers will look to start a winning streak next week against the lowest-scoring team in the league, the Pizza Rolls.


The Alaskan Bull Worms got a taste of reality in a 20-point loss to the Skyhookers last week, and will be put to the test next week against an underestimated Boston Blazers team. Aaron Morrell has looked as good as anyone in the league as he leads the team in both points and rebounds. Expect the Alaskan Bull Worms to get the hang of things on the court in time for a struggling Boston Blazers team in their next game.


The Boston Blazers almost pulled off their first victory this week against the Swish Kabobs. Despite a winless start to the season, the team has shown a lot of promise with the solid performances by Corey Strickland and James Mitchell. This team has the talent to be a threat in this league, but first things first: they need to earn their first win.


John Coutu and his squad appear to still be adjusting to the lower rims as they are shooting a league-worst 31 percent from the floor. The team has athleticism, but it may take a few more weeks for everyone to adjust and get on the same page. They will take on an experienced Halfway Crooks team next week in hopes to get their first win.  


For the second-straight week, the Pizza Rolls are unable to escape the basement of our power rankings. While they improved their shooting percentage, the Pizza Rolls will need to find a lineup that works in time for their matchup against the size the Skyhookers bring on Wednesday.