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With a 39-point victory over Boom-Shakalaka, Lob City is on cruise control through the first three games. Hitting 21-for-46 from three this past game, Lob City had complete control early on. Maybe if a team plays stellar defense on the three-point line, they can limit Lob City’s huge runs and they still may not be enough. Until then, Lob City has too many guys who consistently bring their A game.


Boom-Shakalaka and Lob City went back-and-forth early in the game, before Lob City pulled away in the third quarter and never looked back. Cole Ferguson struggled this game, but he and Lucas Martin are a top back court in this league. Jeremy DiMicco gives them some size and three-point shooting, adding another scoring dimension to an already talented team. As this team’s chemistry continues to improve throughout the season, they’ll be harder and harder to beat.


Although the Halfway Crooks won by 15, they didn’t walk away from their game very pleased with how they played. In a game that was expected to be a blowout against the Duje’s Boys, both teams looked like they were unable to execute offensively. That being said, the Halfway Crooks have the talent to prove this game to be fluke, and can score on you in several ways making them difficult to guard.


Although short-handed this week, the Swish Kabobs had an impressive victory over the Werewolves. Cody Platt is a versatile scorer who can get to the line and hit threes as well. Greg Bell hit an impressive 71 percent of his shots to finish with 20 points in Week 3. If these two guys are playing well, this is tough team to beat not to mention they won without former All-Star Tyler Barbosa.


The Werewtolves lost to the Swish Kabobs in Week 3, who only had four guys the whole game. The Werewolves made multiple runs and tied the game in the fourth, but were unable to finish the comeback. They have talent and a lot of guys who can create their own shot, but finding their best four-man lineup to finish close games is something this team needs to figure out.


Chase Almond and Brendan O’Donnell had very solid games to beat the Pizza Rolls in Week 3. They dominated the boards and shot an impressive 46 percent as a team. They are using their height to their advantage and are now on a two-game winning streak. The Skyhookers have a tough test in front of them when they take on the Swish Kabobs in Week 4.


The Boston Blazers got their first win of the season against the Alaskan Bull Worms in Week 3. Corey Strickland had a game high 34 points on 64 percent shooting, and Robert Boynton was 12-for-14 from the floor with 24 points. If these two can continue to score and score efficiently, they’ll give many defenses in this league trouble. This team may have adjusted to the lower rims and figured out their roles in the big win, so now they need to keep this going in Week 4.


The Duje’s Boys found themselves in a defensive battle in Week 3, and were unable to scrap out the win. John Couto did all he could to carry the load offensively, but every other player struggled shooting under 25 percent from the floor combined. The Duje’s Boys need to play to their strengths, including hard defense, if they want to be competitive their Week 4 opponent, the Pizza Rolls.


Short-handed this week with only five guys, the Alaskan Bull Worms fell to the Boston Blazers by a huge margin. Not only did they allow 58 percent shooting, but they shot an abysmal 21 percent from the field themselves. The Alaskan Bull Worms need to flip the script in Week 4 when they take on the Halfway Crooks, who are coming off a struggling game themselves.


Rocco Lombardi put up an efficient 27 points against the Skyhookers, but it was not enough to overcome their lack of height. Having been outrebounded by 10, the Pizza Rolls need to get better on the glass to give themselves extra possessions. Making more shots would help any team, but getting better shots will be a step in the right direction.