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The defending champions remained undefeated after a hard-fought victory over NickStrong. Shocker City has one of the strongest shooting cores in the league with Mike Davis and Davon Pratt leading the team in threes. Their team chemistry has also helped them along the way. Look for them to remain near the top, if not in the top spot in the power rankings for the remainder of the season.



Widely recognized as one of the top two teams in the league, the Flint Tropics bandwagon has been growing rapidly since Week 1. The Flint Tropics have one of the most well-rounded teams in the league. With two of their players leading the league in blocks with Mike Bozzuto (8) and Matt Cyr (7), the Flint Tropics have a top-notch defense. With TJ Gianni leading the team shooting 58.3 percent from three-point range, the Flint Tropics are poised to make a deep run come playoff time.



After an epic win over The Rim Breakers 86-83, The Chasers were able to move up in the standings after improving to 3-1 on the season. Brandon Seabrook (22), Dominique Langston (19), and Jalen Graham (18) were the high scorers for The Chasers in Week 4. Their physicality on both sides of the ball has been the key to their success this season and look for that to continue as the season goes on. They’ve shown that they have the capability to hang with the top teams in the league.



Run TMC remains a strong force in the league after picking up their third win of the season Monday night despite the absence of their star point guard Reggie Stewart. One of the favorites in the preseason, Run TMC has definitely lived up to the hype. Erick Langston remains the key to the team’s defense, grabbing 23 rebounds in Week 4 which puts him as one of the league leaders. The team relies heavily on the three fittingly with sharp shooters like Howie Miller and Joey Zocco leading the way.



With the toughest schedule so far, they have faced three of the top four teams in the league so far this season. That has resulted in a misleading record for an extremely talented Rim Breakers squad. With an offensive juggernaut at the core of their team in Richard Bronson, Gerald McLease, and Kintwon Miles, the Rim Breakers are poised to make some noise as their schedule eases up in the coming weeks. Look for them the make up some serious ground in the standings as they currently sit at 1-3.



After a back-and-forth battle against the powerhouse Flint Tropics, Sportslook eventually took the loss 63-52. Jeff Norko led the team again in scoring with 26 points as he’s been the key to their offense all season. Sportslook has shown they can hang with some of the best teams in the league having collected both of their wins from The Chasers and Run TMC.  A tough schedule has resulted in a middle-of-the-road record for a very talented team.



Only having three players Monday night really hurt Team Moose as they faced off against a tough Run TMC team. Led by Will Ingersol who dropped 51 points in the loss, Team Moose held tough but eventually fell to Run TMC 115-101. Team Moose has shown good chemistry and has the ability to make some noise around the league. They are in need of some good ball movement on offense to create some more quality possessions.



NickStrong has faced Run TMC, The Chasers, and Shocker City in each of their first three games leading to a slow start to the win column. As their name implies, their physicality on both defense and offense has helped them put up strong performances against incredibly tough opponents. With sharp-shooter Anthony Vessicchio leading the team from beyond the arch, the rest of the Nickstrong squad will need to use their physicality to create more mismatches around the rim if they want to be competitive.



The Young Kings picked up their first win Monday night via a forfeit. In their three games prior, the Young Kings have shown that they need to be an overall more consistent team. They have shown that they can go on 10-0 type runs, but they fail to keep momentum going when it comes to the late stages of the game. Led by Myles Raymond and Destin Simmons, the Young Kings will look to get their second win of the season in Week 5.



Gentlemen’s Club took another loss this week following their huge loss at the hands of Shocker City in Week 3. This loss comes via forfeit to the Young Kings. Much improvement is need on both sides of the ball for Gentlemen’s Club as they rank at the bottom of the league in points scored and points allowed.  Their consistent scorers Will Lutz and Brian Jackson are going to have to shoulder much of the load moving forward.