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Arguably the most impressive performance of Week Five was Shocker City absolutely demolishing Run TMC, one of the early preseason title contenders. This team refuses to be beaten and keeps showing us week after week why they’re the best team in the league this season. Not much else can be said at this point about how good they are, the only team that can challenge them right now seems to be themselves.



Flint has surprised many people this season. They did not play Monday night, yet they are still number two in the Power Rankings this week because of the sheer dominance they have shown thus far. They have a tough task ahead of them as they play a resilient NickStrong team that has momentum going after their first win of the season this past week.



The Chasers have been reeling the last couple of weeks as miscommunication has proved to be their downfall. They’re still number four in the Power Rankings simply because everyone knows how dominant they can be when they’re clicking and firing on all cylinders. Don’t count them out as we creep closer to the playoffs.




The most surprising team of the Winter 2019 season has been Sportslook. After dropping their Week One contest, they have shown that they are not to be messed with as they easily handled the Rim Breakers on Monday. Look for them to be in title contention in the playoffs.



Run TMC had their most disappointing game of the season as they lost to the defending champions, Shocker City, on Monday. They did not seem to have anything going and could not stop Shocker City on defense. This was a great opportunity to prove that they belong in the conversation for best team in the league. However, this was more of a setback for them without Reggie Stewart for the second-straight week. We’ll see if they can get it together in the next couple of weeks before the playoffs.



Team Moose returned to action in Week Five by beating The Chasers in a thrilling game. We have been praising them for being a tough team to play against and they were able to out muscle a very good team on Monday. They will be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs if they can keep this momentum going.



Rim Breakers have been fairly inconsistent the entire season but have shown flashes as to why they can be considered elite. Losing to Sportslook by double digits and only putting up 41 points show their inconsistent side, but at 1-4 and being on the losing end of two close games, they are far away from being considered a disappointment.



NickStrong earned their first win of the season by beating Young Kings. They were finally able to get in the win column as their defensive prowess showed, only allowing 71 points in the win. Again, expect them to make some noise in the early rounds of the playoffs if they’re playing their A-game against an opponent that isn’t taking them seriously.



Young Kings fell to NickStrong a week after their forfeit win against Gentlemen’s Club. This team has a lot to work on if they want to avoid a very early exit in this season’s playoffs. Looking ahead, the schedule isn’t exactly in their favor as they play teams that are mostly considered to be among the best in the league for the remainder of the season.