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Although Chase Almond was absent, Lob City blew out a respectable team in the Skyhookers, winning 90-47. Lob City has numerous players that can go off offensively any given week, and this week Cody Crawford was that player. He finished with 36 points at an efficient 48.4 percent clip. Lob City remains as the most dominant team in this league, even in a week when they were without Greg Holt.


Commissioner Joey Zocco had his best game of the season against Boom-Shakalaka in Week 6, going 7–for–14 from 3-point range, including five in a row at one point in the third quarter. That being said, the Halfway Crooks fell into a long scoring slump in the first half that saw them trailing by ten at halftime. Although they snapped out of it and beat a tough team in Boom-Shakalaka, the Halfway Crooks have to be careful they don’t lose a game they should win based on a poor scoring quarter.


In what quickly became a cherry-picking dunk fest, the Swish Kabobs annihilated the Pizza Rolls, 144- 79. Greg Bell finished with an a league record 60 points, going 30–for–32 from the field. The Swish Kabobs have proved themselves to be a top-tier team, but they sit tight at no. 3 in the rankings after their performance this week. The showdown with Lob City in Week 7 will tell us a lot about the Swish Kabobs.


Boom-Shakalaka struggled from 3-point range, losing a winnable game to the Halfway Crooks. Missing a solid scorer in Cole Ferguson, Boom-Shakalaka relied on Lucas Martin, who was only 3-for-14 from deep, and Marc Belleville, who finished 0-for-7 from deep. That being said, when playing their best Boom-Shakalaka is still an upper tier team this far into the season. Hitting threes is a must for this version of Boom-Shakalaka, as they lacked the size to compete with the Halfway Crooks down low.


In what could have been an interesting matchup had they had a full roster, the Skyhookers got out played from the jump by Lob City. Chase Almond’s height could have caused problems for Joey Coro and opposing guards trying to drive in the paint. The Skyhookers struggled offensively, shooting 23 percent as a team and only putting up 47 points. They sit at number two in the middle four tier of teams with a big test against the Halfway Crooks up next.


The Werewolves beat the Boston Blazers 59-47 in an exciting game to regain some momentum. Gino Forte led them in scoring, primarily by hitting the three-point shot at an efficient rate (6-for-11). The Werewolves also won the game with their defense, slowing down Corey Strickland and James Mitchell to just 19 combined points. Dave Campbell’s return to their lineup adds a versatile scorer, a great athlete, and a solid defender which helps them on both ends of the floor.


The Boston Blazers found themselves down by 20 to the Werewolves, but clawed their way back and cut the deficit to just seven before their opponents held them off. Corey Strickland shot efficiently and limited his turnovers, but found himself in foul trouble, forcing his minutes to be restricted.  The Boston Blazers are still in a good spot with a .500 record as we head into the final weeks of the season, and will be a tough out come playoff time.


John Coutu is playing out of his mind lately. This week he finished with 36 points on 68 percent shooting from the floor. Although this team has different players that shine week to week, Coutu can always be counted on to stuff the stat sheet. The trick to beat the Dujes Boys is to slow this man down, which is hard task to accomplish. The Duje’s Boys get Boom-Shakalaka in Week 7, a veteran team that will provide a good test.


Matt Barber shined this week once again, putting up 30 points and leading his team in scoring. The Alaskan Bull Worms, much like other teams in this tier, don’t have enough depth to consistently put up enough points to stay in games. Players like Justin Simmons need to assist Matt Barber in the scoring department to be more competitive. Simmons can come up big in his team’s Week 7 matchup against a 2-win Werewolves team.


The Pizza Rolls find themselves at the bottom of the rankings after losing to the Swish Kabobs by 65 points in Week 6. In a game that was over almost as soon as it started, Rocco Lombardi showcased his value by hitting four three’s in a row at one point during the game. Although the can put up points, the Pizza Rolls don’t have the size to slow down teams. Consistently hitting shots and getting hot from deep may be their best chance going forward.