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The Defending champs won on a forfeit win against Team Moose but that doesn’t stop them from being No. 1 in the Power Rankings yet again this week. Nothing else can be said about them at this point, we’re really just looking forward to their showdown with Flint Tropics next week. This matchup next week has huge implications for the playoffs and who the get the number one seed, with the winner likely to be in control barring a major upset.



Flint Tropics easily handled The Chasers on Monday night and improved their undefeated record to 7-0. It’s hard to stop a team when all they do is make plays and play together, which is exactly what their mantra is. Anyone that has watched them play this season has seen how good their chemistry is and how well they play together. Expect them to make a very deep run this postseason as the number one or number two seed.



Run TMC was one of many teams on a bye this week but are still an elite team in this league. They return to action next week well rested against The Chasers. They are looking to bounce back into the top three and snag that number three playoff spot over Sportslook. They have all of the firepower to do so, they control their own destiny at this point.




Sportslook played a very sloppy game against NickStrong but were still able to pull out the victory without some of their key players. They are still #3 in the Power Rankings because they made plays on both sides of the ball during the game that showed how dominant they can be. They’re a dark horse team that shouldn’t be underestimated moving forward and should be able to snag the number three seed in the playoffs unless Run TMC can go on a streak to end the season.



The Chasers seemed to fall apart against Flint Tropics on Monday mostly due to the lack of communication and lack of depth. They’re going to need to find a way to play more consistently for the rest of the season if they want to avoid an early playoff exit. Dominique Langston has carried this team to where they are now but they’re going to have to look to their other stars for some help the rest of the way as well. Expect them to be a middle of the pack seed come playoff time.




Rim Breakers was able to hold off the Young Kings last night in a close battle that came down to the wire. The win improved their record to 3-4 and they are another pesky team to keep an eye on as we get closer to the postseason. This is a very talented team with a ton of athletes on it so don’t be surprised if they overtake one of the higher seeds in the postseason.



Team Moose suffered a forfeit loss to Shocker City on Monday night and will be on the bye again next week for week eight. It gives forward Kevin Blake plenty of time to continue to recover from his sprained ankle, which will be a positive step for this team. They will more than likely be the eight-seed in the playoffs and could potentially get it together in time to make some noise.



NickStrong played their best game of the season against Sportslook on Monday and showed why they could be a tough team to face in the postseason. Don’t let their 1-5 record fool you, they have been in many close games this season and honestly should have won last night. Again, this is another talented team that could give some teams headaches in the playoffs with their relentless effort. Expect them to be in the mix for an upset.



Young Kings lost a heartbreaker to Rim Breakers in which they had multiple opportunities to try and earn their first non-forfeit win this season. They are much better than their 1-6 shows and should not be taken lightly during the latter part of the season. As the last ranked team, they have a lot of work to do if they want to avoid losing in the first round. With that being said, if there’s any team to take over one of the top seeds, it’s this one.