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Although they remain undefeated, Lob City nearly lost a close game against the surging Swish Kabobs. Known for having multiple players able to go off for 30 on any given night, no one player could score over their larger opponent. That being said, Lob City has yet to lose, and has the head-to-head tiebreaker over both the Halfway Crooks and Swish Kabobs, all but locking up the top seed.


The Swish Kabobs move up a spot in the rankings after giving Lob City their toughest battle of the season. This team is one of the most talented in the league, with players like Del Butler, Greg Bell, Tyler Barbosa, and others being able to hit threes and create their own shot whenever they have the ball. Plus, their size allows them to compete and win against other large teams. The next match-up to watch is Swish Kabobs versus the Halfway Crooks coming in Week 10. That matchup late in the season will likely be for a top-two seed in the playoffs.


Although the Skyhookers were missing the Almond brothers, the Halfway Crooks dominated this week.  Joey Zocco is looking like Klay Thompson the last two weeks, and players like Brett Cody and Dylan Lincoln are also playing at a high level. If Zocco can give you 20 off of threes every week, and other players are playing their best, the this team is one of the best two teams in the league. They have a rivalry game against the Werewolves up in what will feel like a playoff game in Week 8.


Jeremy DiMicco played his best game of the season, putting up 32 points and 14 rebounds on 63 percent shooting. Boom-Shakalaka is sitting happy on top of the middle four, and they control their own destiny for the four-seed. In that scenario, they won’t have the easiest first round matchup. They would go up against any of the other three teams that are in their tier, and none of the teams in this group are an easy win.


The Werewolves have won their last two, and should go 2-1 the rest of the season. If they have Brian Heston, Dave Campbell, and Gino Forte playing at their best, they can put up points on anybody. Sitting at a no. 7-seed right now, the Werewolves may make a small jump in the standings, but regardless of where they land, they are a first round matchup that Boom-Shakalaka or any team in this middle tier does not want to see.


As talented as Brendan O’Donnell is, the Skyhookers need Chase Almond if they want to beat teams near them in the standings. They play the Boston Blazers and the Duje’s Boys in their last two games.  If they can go 2-0 to finish the season, they can move up a spot or two, making their first round matchups a little easier come palyoff time. Getting those reps playing with their full roster will be crucial to this team’s success.


The Boston Blazers have a bit of a tough schedule going forward, playing the Halfway Crooks and the Skyhookers in their next two games. They currently sit at no. 5 in the standings, but if the Skyhookers and the Werewolves finish the season strong, they may slide down a spot or two. That being said, they will remain a threat to teams like Boom-Shakalaka and the Werewolves in their first playoff game.


The Duje’s Boys put up a good fight against a good Boom-Shakalaka team, losing 81-73. John Coutu is playing like an MVP, putting up a triple-double this week. His team’s lack of success may limit his chances at the award, but their next two games are against the Swish Kabobs and Skyhookers. Pulling out a win against either team would help Coutu’s MVP case. Regardless, this team is going to have a tough road to a Final Four birth.


The Alaskan Bull Worms have a tough last three games.  They sit at number nine in the standings and are likely to remain there unless the Pizza Rolls can sneak out a win. On the other hand, they may overtake the Duje’s Boys sitting at number eight should they sneak out two wins since the Duje’s Boys have the head-to-head tiebreaker having beaten the Bull Worms in Week 6.


The Pizza Rolls will likely remain at the 10-seed for the playoffs. Rocco Lombardi has been their guy, and Zach Dionizio had a solid game this week against the Werewolves, but they struggle to slow some of the more talented teams down in the league. The Pizza Rolls get the Werewolves again, a game they could compete in if they make more shots.