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Lob City remains at the top of the list, taking a forfeit from the Pizza Rolls this week. They are likely going to the Boston Blazers or Duje’s Boys in their first playoff game. With a full roster, they have too many weapons for nearly every team to handle. The Halfway Crooks and the Swish Kabobs may give this team some trouble if both have full lineups as well, setting up potentially interesting Semifinals and Finals matchups.



Brett Cody has missed a couple games this season, but in the last two weeks he’s been ballin’. He’s good for a few threes and several dunks per game, not to mention stellar defense usually against the opponent’s best player. With so many players able to hit the three, the Halfway Crooks may have enough offense to beat Lob City if they can slow down some of Lob City’s scorers. A showdown with the Swish Kabobs in Week 10 will likely decide who gets the two-seed.



A shorthanded Swish Kabobs nearly gave one away to the Duje’s Boys this week. This team has a very good starting four with Cody Platt, Del Butler, Tyler Barbosa, and Greg Bell. Jacob Melo is a fantastic shooter who hit six threes in Week 8, including a clutch one to take the lead late in the game. The Swish Kabobs could finish as high as the two-seed with a win over the Halfway Crooks in the last week of the regular season, but could still fall to the four-seed if they lose their last two games.



With the addition of Brandon Sweeney, who put up 42 points against the Alaskan Bull Worms, Boom-Shakalaka remains on top in the battle of the middle four.  They sit at no. 4 in the standings, but they have a hard matchup against the Swish Kabobs in their final game. If they can upset the Swish Kabobs in Week 9, Boom-Shakalaka can snag the third seed in the playoffs with some help from the Halfway Crooks in Week 10.



Led by Brendan O’Donnell, the Skyhookers got a win this week and it puts them above the Werewolves and the Boston Blazers in the standings, for now. Their size helps them defensively, and will be a huge advantage in their last game against the Duje’s Boys. The Skyhookers are a much different team when Chase Almond is on the court. They will likely play Boom-Shakalaka or the Swish Kabobs in their first playoff game as either the four or five seed.  



The Werewolves put up a good fight against one of the best teams in the league, the Halfway Crooks. However, relying on Gino Forte and Brian Heston to put up 70 percent of the team’s shots will be tough to overcome. The Werewolves have the opportunity to take care of business in their final regular season game against the Alaskan Bull Worms to try to secure an easier Quarterfinal playoff matchup.



In a close battle, the Boston Blazers lost against the Skyhookers, missing an opportunity to move up to the top six in the league. Corey Strickland and Evan St. Pierre had strong games, but struggled to put points up as a team against the Skyhookers’ big men. They’ll likely finish the season 1-1 and the six or seven-seed, meaning an unfavorable matchup with a top-three team in the league in their first Legacy Leagues playoff game.



Although they lost a close one to the Swish Kabobs, John Coutu continues to put up James Harden-type numbers, getting 45 points, 14 rebounds, and seven assists. Anthony Melise made five threes, and Aaron Avant is a hustle player who can rack up points off put-backs. This team should win their play-in round matchup against one of the bottom four teams, to then earn their chance to knock off one of the top teams in the league in the Quarterfinals.



With a tough final two games, the Alaskan Bull Worms have their work cut out for them against Lob City and the Werewolves. In the playoffs they will likely play either the Duje’s Boys or the Boston Blazers, two teams that they have lost to earlier in the season. Matt Barber is a likely All-Star, but he’s not enough to carry his team to a victory over good teams by himself.



Unless Rocco Lombardi can have a career night when it counts the most, the Pizza Rolls have yet to show they can play a 40 minutes good enough to defeat another team in the league. They will likely play the Duje’s Boys or the Boston Blazers in their first playoff game, setting up a tough matchup. Ben Floyd is a wildcard for this team, and he might be able to step up his play just in time for the playoffs.